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Media Foundation Codecs For Windows 10 and 11

These codecs are for example used by the following applications:

  • Windows Media Player (new modern Windows 11 version)
  • Windows Media Player (legacy) (can also use DirectShow codecs)
  • Movies&TV / Films&TV
  • Windows Photo Viewer
  • Windows Explorer (for thumbnails)
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Vegas Pro
  • DeoVR

Below you can find links to download several Media Foundation codecs. For example HEVC Video Extension.

These codecs may fix:
Error 0xc00d005212 This item was encoded with a format that's not supported

Microsoft Store

Microsoft has made several Media Foundation codecs. You can download them for free from the Microsoft Store. There is also an alternative method to directly download installers. This method is explained further down this page.

The only codec that is not always free in the store is the HEVC Video Extension. That one is $1 in the Microsoft store. However, there is also a free version of this codec available. The free version only works if you have a modern graphics card (GPU) that has hardware decoding ability for HEVC. You need to use the alternative method below to download it.

Microsoft Store links:

HEVC Video Extension [$1]

VP9 Video Extension

AV1 Video Extension

MPEG-2 Video Extension

HEIF Image Extensions

WebP Image Extensions

Raw Image Extensions

Web Media Extensions (ogg/vorbis/theora)

Alternative method

You can directly download installers for things that are available in the Microsoft Store using Adguard Store.

The downloaded file with be an .appxbundle file. It is an official file from Microsoft and is digitally signed.

These .appxbundle files are installers, so simply double-click on them to install. But first you need to turn on Developer Mode in the Windows Settings. Otherwise you are not able to install this type of apps. Just open Windows Settings and search for "developer mode". A full turorial.

Here is a list of the ProductIDs for the Media Foundation codecs:

Raw image9nctdw2w1bh8
Web media9n5tdp8vcmhs

From the generated links by Adguard, you need to download the .appxbundle and also the .eappxbundle. The second file is an update that will be used by the main installer file.


You can uninstall these codecs via Windows Settings. Same way as you uninstall other items downloaded from the Microsoft store.

Media Feature Pack

If you have a European N or Korean KN edition of Windows then you should also install the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft to gain additional multimedia functionality.

You can recognize these special versions of Windows by the fact that they do no include Windows Media Player by default.

You can acquire this media package through Windows settings:
Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Optional Features > Add a feature > Media Feature Pack