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madVR changelog

* modified/simplified HDR tone mapping settings page
* small HDR tone mapping saturation improvement
* OSD now also shows the measured luminance of the current frame (in addition to the average)
* fixed: render & present queues didn't always fill in Windows 10 build 1803
* fixed: using XySubFilter sometimes resulted in black screen / freeze
* fixed: using HDR "processing" resulted in dark and red-ish image
* fixed: using BT.601/709 gamma curve with HDR tone mapping produced gray-ish image
* fixed: settings dialog sometimes crashed on display mode / custom mode tab

* fixed: rendering and present queues didn't fill correctly when using D3D11 for presentation
* fixed: "crop black bars" didn't work correctly

* HDR: improved overall tone mapping quality
* HDR: added "color tweaks for fire & explosions" option
* HDR: "restore details in compressed highlights" renamed to "highlight recovery"
* HDR: improved "highlight recovery" algo, now uses/requires DirectCompute
* HDR: added trade quality option "compromise on tone & gamut mapping accuracy"
* HDR: maxCLL is now used (if valid)
* HDR: added "hdrVideoPeak" profile variable
* HDR: added (limited) support for HDR OSD bitmaps
* added "report BT.2020 to display" calibration option
* added true GPU mode info (color format, bitdepth & dynamic range) to OSD (Nvidia only)
* fixed: low latency mode could result in judder/stuttering
* fixed: OSD API sometimes drew stuff in the wrong position
* fixed: madHcNet32/64.dll produced DCI-P3 3DLUTs with incorrect header
* added undocumented "ShowHdrMode" empty file/folder option

* fixed: activated HDR option "restore details in compressed highlights" broke SDR playback

* added 2 new RCA quality levels, with NGU fusion support
* if "activate RCA only if it comes for free" is active, NGU quality level isn't modified, anymore
* improved "preserve hue" tone mapping quality
* added "dynamic" mode for "luminance vs saturation reduction" option
* added "dumb" tone mapping algo, optionally with color correction
* added support for Arve custom tone mapping curves
* added "hdrOutput" information field

* added option "use reduce compression artifacts only if it comes for free"
* added experimental "diffuse white" HDR option (mainly for projector owners)
* improved non-hue-preserving HDR tone mapping
* removed low quality hue preserving HDR tone mapping
* HDR option "fix too bright & saturated pixels" is now always available
* display peak nits edit control now accepts down to 80 Nits (formerly 120 Nits)
* added 3dlut information to OSD (only if active)
* fixed: RCA wasn't always run as part of NGU, even though it should
* fixed: little OSD scaling info text glitch
* fixed: #228: deintFps was not 24 for 720p60 decimated 6:4 cadence content (forced film)
* fixed: #394: madvr OSD didn't resize properly when screen masking options are used

* added 2 new lower "remove compression artifacts" strengths
* slightly improved "remove compression artifacts" quality at lower strengths
* "remove compression artifacts" now always runs as part of NGU (if possible)
* display bitdepth now defaults to new "auto" setting (read from EDID)
* extended "if there are big black bars, reduce bar size" option range
* render target display is now shown in bold in the settings dialog
* added support for "execute command line on profile switch"
* when OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is active, FSE mode is disabled
* removed "exclusive" / "windowed" mode OSD notification
* added "(OS HDR)" vs "(NV HDR)" vs "(AMD HDR)" OSD information
* added downscaling "LL" (Linear Light) information to OSD
* added keyboard shortcut for opening settings dialog (default Ctrl+S)
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling seekbar on/off
* added keyboard shortcut for showing seekbar for 5 seconds
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling debanding on/off vs strength
* added file tag "detectBlackBars=on|off" or "blackBarDetection=on|off"
* added file tag "hdr=on|off" or "transfer=hdr|sdr|2084|709"
* added "battery" profile variable
* added "fullscreen" profile variable, can be exclusive or windowed
* renamed "fseMode" profile variable to "exclusive" ("fseMode" still works)
* fixed: "display" profile variable didn't work properly
* fixed: little "let madVR decide" chroma quadrupling bug
* fixed: screenshots were distorted when using "crop black bars"
* fixed: screenshots in paused state sometimes crashed madVR
* fixed #320: make seeking to start of movie easier with FSE mode seek bar
* fixed #336: madHcCtrl: 3DLUT file path is evaluated for remote instance
* fixed #406: typing in "devices" profiles could jump to other pages
* fixed #481: distorted colors with Y416 input and DXVA processing
* added workaround for subtitle renderer crashes (XySubFilter, AssFilterMod)
* added workaround for PotPlayer OSD render crashes

* algo "remove compression artifacts" can now be run as part of NGU
* reverted NGU Sharp back to gamma light -> slightly better anti-aliasing
* removed NNEDI3 (based on user feedback)
* ever so slightly improved HDR behaviour
* default value for HDR -> SDR conversion is now set to "200 nits"
* default value for "enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode" is now "off"
* default value for "use d3d11 for presentation" is now "on"
* fixed: using multiple madVR instances at the same time could sometimes fail

* added "reduce compression artifacts" quality option "high"

* added 3 new "reduce compression artifacts" strength steps between 1-4
* removed deblock option "don't reduce texture detail", wasn't useful
* replaced old "reduce random noise" strengths 1+2 with a new strength 1
* fixed: key for increasing "reduce random noise" strength stopped at 5

* added experimental deblock option "don't reduce texture detail"
* added experimental AdaptiveSharpen option "linear light"
* added new lowest "reduce compression artifacts" strength
* revisited "reduce random noise" strength levels, now from 1-12
* updated AdaptiveSharpen to latest igv version

* fixed crash introduced in v0.92.5
* algos "reduce compression artifacts + random noise" now faster for chroma
* added "deblockChroma" and "denoiseChroma" file tags

* added new algorithm "reduce compression artifacts"
* added new algorithm "reduce random noise"
* added file name tag and keyboard shortcut support for new algorithms
* switched to igv's AdaptiveSharpen variant
* custom mode optimization is now available for modes not created with madVR
* fixed: mode optimization didn't work for Nvidia (introduced in v0.92.4)
* fixed: ProgDVB: DXVA deinterlacing didn't activate after channel switch
* fixed: potential freeze when freeing madVR instance
* fixed: playback trouble after switching video files (introduced in v0.92)
* fixed: screenshot memory leak

* fixed: HDR metadata transport didn't always work with AMD GPUs
* fixed: potential crash issue introduced in v0.92.0
* fixed: possible rendering slowdown issue introduced in v0.92.2
* fixed: custom mode warning windows sometimes appeared in background
* added logging to help find why custom mode measurements aren't recorded
* screenshotting now uses NGU High instead of Very High
* screenshotting now has a 5 second timeout instead of 2 seconds
* slightly modified user interface for Nvidia custom mode creation

* added extended screenshot functionality, new settings page etc
* added "IMadVRFrameGrabber" interface for media player developers
* added HDR support to madTPG
* added (limited) support for cropping through the DirectShow pin info
* slightly improved super-xbr weights
* fixed: settings dialog (madHcCtrl) could crash for AMD users
* fixed: Nvidia FSE HDR passthrough tweak stopped working in v0.92.2
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: NNEDI3 chroma upscaling crashed
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: sometimes froze for 5 seconds
* fixed: using FSE seekbar in paused state could freeze media player
* fixed: custom modes of secondary monitor showed primary monitor data
* fixed: madTPG: mouse cursor could confuse the measurements
* odd horizontal porches are punished with a higher compatibility hit now

* fixed: possible crash when stopping playback or freeing the madVR instance
* fixed: DXVA2 decoding+downscaling produced wrong colors with HDR content
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: crash when moving window to another monitor
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: green screen with DX10 GPUs
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: problems if video unexpectedly changes size
* fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: detection for bad HDR metadata wasn't working
* fixed: custom modes tab didn't show for AVR devices
* fixed: custom modes tab didn't show when display modes was in a profile
* fixed: D3D11 FSE mode was sometimes limited to 8bit instead of 10bit
* fixed: HDR "let madVR decide" setting misbehaved for Intel GPUs
* fixed: HDR metadata sent to display wasn't always correct
* fixed: "HDR" profile bool was not set if HDR metadata was bad/unknown
* fixed: some settings windows appeared behind a "always on top" media player
* added support for sending MaxCLL/FALL HDR metadata (if available) to the TV
* added "enable nvidia 3d.reg" to enable 3D playback with newer Nvidia drivers
* if video HDR metadata is bad/missing, default HDR metadata is sent to TV now
* when custom mode is deleted, measurements are now also deleted
* Nvidia "try custom mode" timeout increased to 30 seconds

* fixed: depending on madVR settings, v0.92.0 crashed right at initialization
* fixed: "display modes" were listed twice in the settings dialog

* added new "display modes" -> "custom modes" settings tab
* added support for native D3D11 DXVA hardware decoding (needs nightly LAV)
* added support for outputting 10bit in fullscreen windowed mode (win10)
* added optimized "let madVR decide" HDR configuration option
* added support for AMD's private HDR switching API
* added workaround for make Nvidia's private HDR switching API work better
* added full-size EDID block reading (256 bytes instead of just 128)
* added extended EDID parsing
* improved frame drop/repeat estimates for xx/1.001 hz modes
* fixed: deinterlacing of P010 software decoded videos was broken

* fixed: HDR metadata via Nvidia's private API was broken in 64bit
* added workaround for driver bug in Nvidia's private HDR API
* improved Windows 10 HDR metadata support
* D3D11 windowed mode now supports 10bit, if "HDR and Advanced Color" is on
* improved AMD native 10bit DXVA decoding; drivers are still broken, though
* downscaling after doubling now uses relaxed AR only for NGU Sharp + Standard

* improved Windows 10 HDR metadata support
* added new option "hack Direct3D to make 24.000Hz and 60.000Hz work"
* performance improvement with "trust DXVA" + "use D3D11 for presentation"
* fixed: Intel GPU driver flickering bug with "use D3D11 for presentation"
* fixed: madVR(64).ax files were larger than necessary
* Intel: 10bit DXVA surfaces are now converted to 10bit RGB (instead of 8bit)

* added support for sending HDR metadata via Nvidia's private API
* added support for sending HDR metadata via win10 (not tested yet)
* fixed: processing (not converting) HDR was not handling gamut correctly

* NGU Sharp now targets middle ground between gamma and linear light
* added NGU Standard + Soft algorithms, with direct quadrupling support
* added true "very high" quality mode for direct quadrupling
* modified "add grain" to produce similar output when using direct quad
* fixed: Y416 input was handled incorrectly

* fixed: doubling twice with "normal" chroma quality resulted in weird colors
* fixed: "downscaling after doubling" dropbox was missing an item

* added NGU Anti-Alias algorithm, intended as a potential NNEDI3 replacement
* completely redesigned image upscaling settings page once more
* downscaling after doubling now uses relaxed AR (instead of strict)
* increased AdaptiveSharpen + LumaSharpen upper limits
* fixed: up & downscaling anti-ringing checkbox was sometimes disabled
* fixed: 3D subtitle depth was incorrect for movies with swapped eyes

* added direct 4x NGU upscalers

* redesigned "image upscaling" settings page once more
* super-xbr image doubling is available again
* fixed: downscaling anti-ringing checkbox was sometimes disabled

* fixed: NNEDI3 doubling could crash in certain situations
* fixed: NGU chroma upscaling didn't allow "veryHigh"
* fixed: SuperRes strength controls were disabled for chroma upscaling

* renamed NGU quality levels: Low -> Med, Med -> High, High -> VeryHigh
* added a new even faster NGU "Low" variant
* reworked chroma/image up/downscaling/doubling settings pages
* removed NEDI and super-xbr image doubling algorithms
* small speed improvement for NGU-Med (former NGU-Low)
* small quality improvement for NGU-Med/High (former NGU-Low/Med)
* settings dialog warns when SuperRes and NGU are enabled at the same time
* pixel shader database is compressed now to save space

* added NGU "low" quality algorithm
* "soften edges" and "add grain" now allow smaller adjustment steps
* fixed: install batch didn't work
* fixed: on some PCs NGU didn't activate
* fixed: on some PCs keyboard shortcuts didn't work
* fixed: NGU grain was static
* "ShowRenderSteps" hack no longer slows down NGU as much as before
* "ShowRenderSteps" hack only slows down stuff as long as the OSD is visible

* added new NGU (Next Generation Upscaling) algorithm
* added "soften edges" + "add grain" upscaling refinements (atm only for NGU)
* display properties can now also be profiled

* HDR: improved tone mapping algorithm
* HDR: added gamut mapping compression (instead of clipping)
* HDR: slightly improved luminance vs saturation reduction formula
* HDR: added options to use an external HDR tone mapping 3dlut
* HDR: added option to do HDR processing, but still output PQ
* fixed: measuring HDR luminance + NNEDI3 chroma upscaling sometimes crashed
* compiled OpenCL kernels are now stored separately for 32bit and 64bit
* when using the "ShowRenderSteps" tweak, a smaller OSD font is used now

* updated AdaptiveSharpen to version 2016-07-10
* custom output levels can now be adjusted in 0.25 steps
* HDR: added option to define how to handle too bright & saturated pixels
* fixed: HDR luminance measurements + chroma SuperRes produced green screen
* fixed: #420: chroma was doubled despite being below scaling factor threshold

* added Shiandow's new (Cross) Bilateral chroma upscaler version
* optimized black bar detection performance, should now also work for 4K 60p
* removed Anti-Bloating for SuperRes, because it didn't really help
* fixed: mixed x/y SSIM2D downscaling produced green screen
* fixed: doubling decision was based on window size instead of video size
* fixed: HDR peak luminance of 120/180 nits negatively affected SDR playback
* fixed: HDR "measure each frame's peak luminance" froze with Intel/NVidia
* fixed: HDR compressed/clipped highlights were ever so slightly too saturated
* HDR: disabled HDR processing now disables 3dlut, color and gamma tweaks
* HDR: improved quality for 120 and 180 nits
* HDR: file "DisableHdrBrightnessTweak" disables 1xx nits special handling

* HDR: pixels between 0-100 nits are now left untouched (if possible)
* HDR: improved desaturation algorithms to reduce hue shift even further
* HDR: added option to choose between clipping and tone mapping
* HDR: added option for hue preservation quality
* HDR: added option to restore detail in compressed regions
* HDR: added option to measure each video frame's peak luminance
* HDR: added option to completely disable HDR processing
* HDR: added workaround for files with invalid metadata
* fixed: supersampling + 2D SSIM sometimes produced "green" videov0.90.20:
* tweaked deringing algorithm some more
* added workaround for weird crash with latest AMD beta drivers

* fixed: image doubling was sometimes activated although it shouldn't
* deringing strength was slightly increased
* deringing artifacts were slightly reduced
* deringing now adds some grain to deringed image areas

* added new deringing algorithm
* added dering key shortcut and file name tag ("dering(ing)=on/off/half/full")
* fixed: upscaling refinement wasn't always active when doing supersampling
* fixed: Jinc upscaling was replaced by Lanczos3 when upscaling in only X or Y
* fixed: some graphical corruption when combining NNEDI3 + SSIM2D + Anti-Bloat
* fixed: image was too bright with linear light down- and sigmoidal upscaling
* fixed: sometimes HDR SMPTE 2086 metadata got lost

* added a couple of image doubling super-xbr anti-bloating options
* fixed: "relaxed" vs "strict" option wasn't properly hidden for upscaling

* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for sharpening
* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for SSIM downscaling
* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for SuperRes
* added anti-ringing filter for SuperRes
* added Hyllian's super-xbr anti-ringing (for image doubling)
* reworked super-xbr chroma upscaling anti-ringing algorithms
* improved sharpen anti-ringing filter
* sharpen anti-ringing filter now also includes AdaptiveSharpen
* changed SSIM anti-ringing method
* added "relaxed" vs "strict (soft)" option for downscale anti-ringing
* "crispen edges" now tries to avoid amplifying grain & noise
* reduced some "crispen edges" aliasing problems
* added separate image doubling supersampling option
* added trade quality option "scale chroma separately if it saves performance"
* increased AdaptiveSharpen max value from 1.5 to 3.0
* increased "thin edges" max value from 4.0 to 8.0
* previously optional DX11 "alternative glitch handling mode" is now always on
* multiple profile groups can now share the same keyboard shortcut
* double clicking tray icon now opens "best" settings instead of always local
* fixed: Jinc/SSIM 2D downscaling was sometimes activated when not needed
* fixed: 4-taps Spline was broken
* fixed: some problems with 3D side-by-side and line/column alternative
* fixed: 10bit content could make DXVA scaling fail
* fixed: bitmap subtitles were not always moved up when cropping black bars
* fixed: when downscaling, some chroma algos were used although they shouldn't
* fixed: sometimes media player froze during DVD playback
* fixed: source black/white adjustments + gamma processing: wrong order
* fixed: rare shutdown crash when using native DXVA decoding
* fixed: OSD bug when playing BT.709 HDR content

* fixed: "creating shader file failed" (introduced in v0.90.14)

* fixed: using NNEDI3 sometimes resulted in black screen or crash
* fixed: 3D playback resulted in stuttering after about 1 hour of playback
* fixed: non-frame-packed 3D had scaling errors when using odd window sizes
* small performance improvement for non-frame-packed 3D rendering
* log file now never exceeds 512MB space, old log data is discarded if needed

* added support for finding the right 3D depth for the active subtitle track
* added "use alternative glitch handling mode" option for D3D11 presentation
* added a workaround for glitch problems with shaky 3D GPU drivers
* fixed: downscaling sometimes crashed, when not using SSIM
* fixed: Intel/NVidia always used DXVA scaling when DXVA deint/decode was used
* fixed: SSIM AR eventually left some resources open

* fixed: OSD and subtitles went black when using error diffusion
* fixed: subtitle depth was always set to 4, even for 2D subtitles

* added support for receiving 3D subtitle depth from splitter
* added support for rendering subtitles and OSD at a specific 3D depth
* added ISubRenderCallback4 interface to allow ISR to render 3D subtitles
* downscaling anti-ringing filter is now much more agressive
* removed integrated anti-ringing filter from "crispen/sharpen edges"
* added optional external anti-ringing filter for ringing sharpening algos
* re-added experimental "linear light" option for "crispen edges"
* image doubling can now be forced on (if no scaling is done otherwise)
* added 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% strength option to SSIM downscaling
* fixed: MPC-HC ISR subtitles didn't work in 3D mode
* fixed: 3D rendering with Bilinear downscaling wasn't really using Bilinear

* added support for Jinc (AR) downscaling
* added support for SSIM 1D vs. 2D downscaling
* added a couple of SSIM performance improvements
* added support for reading 3D eye order information from splitter/decoder
* fixed: bitmap subtitles (DVD/Blu-Ray) were not always properly downscaled
* fixed: DXVA deint + SSIM downscaling could result in bad image quality
* fixed: memory leak (maybe)

* slightly improved SSIM quality (even stronger detail reconstruction)
* removed SSimDetailed option, now SSimClean is always used
* removed "use 1.6 gamma instead of 2.2" option
* fixed: moving media player to another monitor resulted in paused playback
* fixed: rendering eventually left some D3D interfaces open
* fixed: madVR shutdown memory leak
* fixed: some problems with live TV (detected by DVBViewer devs)
* fixed: 1080p23 was forced even when not using "auto" (frame packing)

* fixed: downscaling "a lot" on some GPUs/drivers produced nearest neighbor
* fixed: NNEDI3 doubling + SSIM downscaling could result in green tint

* fixed: banding when using linear light downscaling (introduced in v0.90.5)
* fixed: some problems when moving madVR to a different monitor
* fixed: OSD display bug when using different scaling algos for X and Y

* fixed: linear light SuperRes processing got broken in v0.90.5
* fixed: SuperRes chroma processing was broken in certain situations

* fixed: some SSIM downscaling related bugs
* added SSIM "detailed" and "clean" variants
* added Bicubic "sharpness: 125" option
* added "use 1.6 gamma instead of 2.2" option to linear light downscaling
* improved linear/sigmoidal light up and down scaling performance
* improved downscaling performance when using linear light
* SSIM downscaling can now also be used after image doubling
* fixed: settings dialog sometimes forget to remember Bicubic150 being set

* added Bicubic "sharpness: 150" option (useful for downscaling)
* added Shiandow's SSIM downscaling algorithm
* optimized Direct3D initialization order for 3D playback
* rendering no longer waits for OpenCL or DirectCompute to initialize
* fixed: AMD x64 GPU driver crash (added a workaround, not my fault!)
* fixed: interlaced output resulted in wrong refresh rate detected
* fixed: switching windowed -> FSE with D3D11 could result in black screen
* fixed: screenshots with "use a separate device for DXVA" sometimes failed
* fixed: incoming 4:2:2 content with odd video resolution crashed
* fixed: minor timing issue with D3D11 presentation
* fixed: OSD stopped working when no new frames came from decoder
* fixed: one potential settings dialog crash
* added IMadVRCommand::SendCommandDouble("keepLastFrameOnStop")
* added IMadVRCommand::SendCommandDouble("emptyQueue")
* last video frame is now remembered for 2 seconds when stopping graph
* added "EC_VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED" information to "mvrInterfaces.h"

* frame packed 3D: display mode is now always changed to 1080p23
* frame packed 3D: smooth motion FRC is now always off
* 3D: side-by-side quality is improved (proper scaling instead of Bilinear)
* 3D: added top-and-bottom, line alternative and column alternative modes
* 3D: added "swap left / right eye" option
* profile rules: added "3D" boolean variable
* profile rules: added "+", "-", "*", "/", ":" math support
* profile rules: number fields can now be used on both equation sides

* fixed: directly entering 3D fullscreen exclusive mode failed
* fixed: trying to do 10bit playback stopped 3D from working
* fixed: D3D11 presentation sometimes got stuck (minimized, Aero Peak etc)
* fixed: LAV reporting double frame rate was ignored
* added 3D content information to OSD, e.g. "NV12, 8bit, 4:2:0 (3D)"
* added 3D presentation information to OSD, e.g. "D3D11 exclusive (3D)"
* 3D playback now always uses 1080p23 display mode
* disabled refresh rate fix logic for 3D presentation (just to be safe)

* fixed: DXVA processing was broken on some GPUs
* fixed: DXVA upscaling option was grayed out
* fixed: chroma SuperRes fracked up HDR colors
* fixed: LAV reporting YCgCo was misinterpreted by madVR
* fixed: "Reconstruction" was reported by the OSD to be "Jinc"

* added support for 3D decoders (IMediaSample3D)
* added support for 3D frame packed playback via HDMI 1.4+ (requires win8.1+)
* added support for native 10bit 4:2:0 DXVA decoding (+ scaling)
* added "Reconstruction" chroma upsampling algorithm (replaces NEDI option)
* updated SuperRes algorithm for chroma upscaling
* replaced luma upscaling "linear light" with "sigmoidal light" option
* sharpen edges is now ever so slightly brighter than before
* updated AdaptiveSharpen to version 2016-01-07
* fixed: D3D11 presentation crashed NVidia driver if 3D vision was enabled
* if DCI-P3 3dlut isn't selected, BT.2020 3dlut is used instead (if available)
* if BT.2020 3dlut isn't selected, DCI-P3 3dlut is used instead (if available)

* added support for display peak luminance values of 265, 180 and 120 nits
* HDR: gamut mapping is now always on, even if calibration control is disabled
* fixed: DVD/Blu-Ray subs were positioned incorrectly when using DXVA scaling
* fixed: DVD aspect ratio wasn't always shown correctly when using MPC-HC
* fixed: gamma processing and brightness control didn't work for HDR content
* fixed: DXVA decoding + deint -> refresh rate sometimes didn't switch
* repeated frames are displayed (again) when smooth motion FRC is enabled

* added tone mapping support for HDR content
* added gamut mapping support for HDR BT.2020/DCI-P3 content
* added support for SMPTE 2084 transfer function decoding
* added support for receiving HDR metadata from LAV Video Decoder
* added "maximum display luminance" option to display properties page
* added "HDR" profile variable
* SuperRes now supports being run after every ~2x upscaling step (again)
* improved JVC projector ip control connection reliability

* significant speedups for "sharpen edges" and "thin edges" algos
* small quality change (hopefully improvement?) for "thin edges"
* fixed: repeated frames were reported although smooth motion FRC was on

* fixed: occasional aspect ratio problems (introduced in v0.89.14)
* fixed: "refine only once" doesn't affect SuperRes, anymore
* fixed: DXVA decoding + deint -> refresh rate sometimes didn't switch

* fixed: black screen with some decoders (introduced in v0.89.14)
* fixed: black screen with DXVA processing in some situations
* added "superResRadius" file name tag for testing purposes

* added new "sharpen edges" algorithm
* added new "crispen edges" algorithm (tamed FineSharp)
* added new "thin edges" algorithm
* added new "enhance detail" algorithm
* removed SuperRes "radius" option (set to 0.66)
* removed SuperRes "sharpness" option (set near to 2)
* removed LumaSharpen "radius" option (set to 1.0)
* removed LumaSharpen "clamp" option (set to 0.035)
* removed "apply SuperRes first" option (set to true)
* updated AdaptiveSharpen to 2015-11-05 (experimental) version
* optimized "video size has changed" notifications to media player
* optimized aspect ratio overriding API behaviour

* added support for rotation (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) via key shortcut and API
* videos are automatically rotated now, if the container/splitter says so
* improved chroma quality when using DXVA on Intel (and maybe NVidia) GPUs
* improved DXVA processing performance under specific circumstances
* if DXVA is used, brightness, contrast, hue etc is applied by DXVA now
* fixed a couple of DXVA processing related bugs
* Intel/NVidia: DXVA2 image + Bilinear chroma upscaling -> DXVA chroma up
* DVD Navigator AR has now priority over decoder / splitter / bitstream AR
* updated AdaptiveSharpen to 2015-10-29 (experimental) version
* added new profile rule script variables "display" and "variableAR"
* optimized RAM consumption a bit, maybe
* added option to not resume playback after lens memory change
* fixed lens memory activation problem for Sony projectors
* fixed: "runtime" profile variable didn't work properly

* added auto lens memory activation via "IP Control" for JVC & Sony projectors
* added several new profile rule script variables
* added IMadVRCommand::SendCommandDouble("setArOverride") support
* when moving subtitle, margins are now relative to video height
* fixed: memory leak introduced in v0.89.10
* fixed: Catmull-Rom was broken since v0.89.10
* fixed: potential cause for "old frame" flickering when using smooth motion
* fixed: potential cause for "old frame" flickering in new windowed/FSE modes

* fixed stupid video size bug introduced in v0.89.10

* added SuperRes "sharpness" and "use linear light" options
* optimized SuperRes performance with high "strength" values
* modified subtitle mover to not change subtitle size, anymore
* added "zoom control" option to move subtitles
* added support for LAV DVD subtitle renderer
* fixed: XySubFilter: high-res PGS with smaller-res video: wrong sub position
* fixed: crash when LAV DVD subtitle renderer asked for a flush/clear
* fixed: Smooth Motion + NNEDI3 + Bilinear could cause aliasing artifacts
* fixed: #318: debanding sometimes caused black screen (once more)

* fixed: madVR crashed sometimes when using XySubFilter + Deband + Dither
* fixed: XySubFilter text subs didn't show under some specific circumstances

* fixed: XySubFilter subtitles sometimes flickered when using smooth motion

* added support for new XySubFilter build -> full control over positioning
* added IMadVRInfo::GetRect("seekbarRect")
* fixed: XySubFilter subtitles sometimes only showed up after resizing video
* fixed: #318: debanding sometimes caused black screen
* fixed: #344: NNEDI3 doubling + smooth motion sometimes caused black screen

* updated AdaptiveSharpen to latest version
* added support for ISubRenderCallback3 interface
* optimized DXVA fullscreen playback performance
* fixed: freezes when closing media player, or switching to different monitor
* fixed: another DXVA related crash
* fixed: subtitle positioning was sometimes incorrect with MPC-HC/MPC-BE
* fixed: disabling desktop composition was broken
* fixed: slow switching between two h264 TV stations with identical resolution
* fixed: OSD scaling information was sometimes incorrect
* fixed: "setZoomOffsetX = -1" resulted in madVR totally stopping to work

* cleanup image borders can now optionally only crop black bar borders
* implemented "move OSD and subtitles into active video area" option
* madVR OSD now respects screen masking
* optimized OSD APIs to allow media players to respect screen masking
* optimized subtitle positioning for internal MPC-HC/MPC-BE subtitle renderer
* added APIs for media players to set zoom/position modes
* added IMadVRCommand::SendCommandInt("keyPress") support (J.River MC)
* some render code cleanup (fully removed AMD interop hack etc)
* fixed: one cause for shutdown crash with native DXVA decoding
* fixed: OSD fused different luma/chroma NNEDI3 neurons into "image"
* fixed: image enhancements "restore defaults" set LumaSharpen "clamp" wrong

* debug OSD now shows black bar, source and target rect details
* added "redraw" command so MPC-HC/MPC-BE can redraw subtitles in paused mode
* fixed: zero target rect / window size made madVR crash
* fixed: native DXVA accepted all formats, even when they weren't supported
* fixed: NNEDI3 OpenCL kernel was compiled even when using super-xbr or NEDI
* fixed: new NNEDI3 interop no longer requires win7 platform update
* fixed: sometimes NNEDI3 chroma doubling was incorrectly disabled
* fixed: crash when using NNEDI3 with old windowed mode render path
* fixed: option "if black bars change pick one zoom factor" had no effect
* fixed: two deadlock causes when switching between 576i and 1080i videos
* fixed: "keep bars visible if they contain subtitles" = "forever" didn't work

* NNEDI3/OpenCL now uses D3D11 interop instead of D3D9 interop
* implemented most of the various missing black bar features
* added support for device profiling
* added vertical scrollbar to "profile auto select rules" edit field
* added "smoothmotion" bool value for profile rules
* fixed: sometimes video was zoomed in way too much without any reason
* fixed: black bar detection sometimes had false positives
* fixed: black bar detection sometimes unnecessarily dropped correct detection
* fixed: DXVA processing sometimes broke when stopping & starting the graph
* fixed: sub options were active even if black bar detection was off

* fixed: one more media player startup crash
* fixed: DXVA deinterlacing and black bar detection didn't like each other
* fixed: DXVA scaling had some problems with v0.89.0 and v0.89.1
* fixed: some media player size/pos zoom wishes were not properly applied

* fixed: two startup crashes with some media players

* added new device "screen config" settings page
* added screen masking feature
* added support for anamorphic stretch
* added new processing "zoom control" settings page
* added automatic detection of black bars with lots of sub options
* fixed: DXVA deinterlacing sometimes produced "DXVA processing failed"
* fixed: profiles: scaling factor wasn't properly reported
* increased seek "black screen protection" to 2 seconds (formerly 1)

* OSD rendering back to 0.88.16 logic, except when low latency mode is active
* fixed: DXVA processing failed when video stream switched resolution
* fixed: render times weren't shown correctly
* fixed: SuperRes bigger radius values could cause artifacts
* fixed: low latency mode sometimes wasn't turned off when it should

* changed OSD rendering logic all over again
* added SuperRes "radius" option (only for testing purposes)
* removed SuperRes "use alternative color space" option
* replaced SuperRes strength+passes option with a new strength option
* added madTPG APIs "IsFseModeEnabled" and "En/DisableFseMode"

* fixed: using the sharpening algos sometimes produced startup crashes
* fixed: forced film mode sometimes produced crashes
* fixed: weird resolution videos resulted in black screen with some old GPUs
* optimized OSD rendering performance slightly
* when running in a debugger, keyboard hook is not set, anymore

* fixed: DXVA deinterlacing resulted in heavy flickering
* fixed: low latency mode was always activated with some media players
* fixed: smooth motion FRC: OSD incorrectly reported empty queues
* fixed: crash when OpenCL wasn't working properly
* fixed: FSE mode was sometimes activated when it shouldn't

* madVR now renders in paused and stopped mode, too
* added automatic OSD low latency logic
* added SuperRes anti-ringing filter
* fixed little SuperRes quality detoriation introduced in v0.88.16
* fixed: high GPU consumption in paused mode (PotPlayer, Kodi DSPlayer)
* all (useful) IVideoWindow APIs now work even when no pins are connected

* modified SuperRes algorithm slightly (faster, less artifacts, less sharp)
* added SuperRes "use alternative color space" option
* replaced SuperRes "HQ downscaling" option with new "algo" multi option
* removed SuperRes "softness" option (now always 0.00)
* fixed: decoder sending BT.2020 decoding matrix wasn't properly detected

* super-xbr image doubling AR optimization: 20% performance boost
* super-xbr chroma upscaling now supports higher quality AR algo -> 6% slower
* super-xbr chroma "AR" option now switches between low/high AR quality
* modified Bilateral chroma upscaling algorithm parameters

* updated to latest Shiandow SuperRes version
* added Bilateral chroma upscaling algorithm
* added AdaptiveSharpen to "image enhancements" and "upscaling refinement"
* improved luma anti-ringing quality for super-xbr image doubling
* super-xbr chroma upscaling now supports enabling/disabling anti-ringing
* added super-xbr sharpness options of 25 and 150
* ca. 30% performance boost for super-xbr image doubling
* ca. 15% performance boost for super-xbr chroma upscaling
* ca. 30% performance boost for FineSharp
* removed "thinning" parameter from FineSharp, now always set to 0
* added various new madTPG APIs

* added super-xbr "sharpness" parameter (50, 75, 100 = default, 125)
* big speedup for super-xbr chroma upscaling
* small speedup for super-xbr image doubling
* FineSharp no longer uses linear light (for now)
* added IMadVRCommand interface, replaces IMadVRSeekbar/ExclusiveModeControl
* added IMadVRCommand::SendCommand("restoreDisplayModeNow") command
* fixed: small logic/quality bug in super-xbr chroma upscaling
* fixed: settings dialog always showed NNEDI3 chroma doubling to be enabled

* added super-xbr image doubling algorithm
* added super-xbr chroma upscaling algorithm
* added NEDI chroma upscaling algorithm
* added workaround for one more cause of queues not filling in D3D11 FSE mode
* removed FineSharp "mode", "repair" and "linear light" options
* removed SuperRes "error upscaling quality" option
* fixed: screenshots didn't always work when using DXVA scaling
* fixed: luma quadrupling could introduce greenish tint
* fixed: settings dialog required BT.709 3dlut slot to be filled
* fixed: auto 3dlut slot switching didn't always work correctly
* fixed: double clicking madTPG with D3D11 enabled -> black screen
* fixed: custom shader "clock" parameter was not set correctly
* fixed: ConfigureDisplayModeChanger(allowResolutionChanges = false) bug

* fixed: SuperChromaRes produced green screen when downscaling video a lot
* fixed: at exactly 50% zoom, chroma was always repositioned using Bilinear
* fixed: some D3D11 objects were not properly released
* fixed: D3D11 FSE losing focus resulted in black screen
* fixed: one more D3D11 shutdown crash
* fixed: fixed one more OpenCL compilation problem
* fixed: crash when downscaling a lot, with media player asking for cropping
* fixed: SuperChromaRes produced artifacts with "use 10bit chroma/luma" buffer
* removed Shiandow's debanding algorith
* added workaround for one cause of queues not filling in D3D11 FSE mode
* modified "high" debanding preset one last (?) time
* SoftCubic skips anti-ring now (AR harmed SoftCubic more than it helped)

* fixed: some problems when using NNEDI3
* slightly modified "high" debanding preset, once more

* optimized lots of HLSL pixel shaders -> performance improvements
* added a dedicated downscaling render path to speed up 4K playback etc
* removed "bad" scaling algos (Lanczos8, Jinc4, Jinc8)
* modified "high" deband preset to also use gradiant angle analyzation
* updated to latest Shiandow deband script
* error diffusion now also supports 10bit output
* modified D3D11 refresh rate behaviour
* optimized rendering time averaging logic
* rewrote "install.bat" and "uninstall.bat" once more
* SMPTE 170M and SMPTE 240M are now using the SMPTE C 3dlut
* sRGB now uses the BT.709 3dlut
* fixed: JRiver MC20 crashed when stopping FSE 10bit playback

* updated to latest Shiandow deband script
* fixed: D3D11 didn't activate with "frames presented in advance" set to 16
* fixed: ConfigureDisplayModeChanger(allowResolutionChanges = false) bug

* fixed: D3D11 render queue didn't fill in Windows 7
* fixed: FineSharp didn't like "use 10bit image buffer instead of 16bit"
* fixed: "madVR_Load3dlutFile" ignored the attached "cal1" gamma ramps
* updated to latest Shiandow deband script

* fixed: D3D11 rendering sometimes got stuck (e.g. when minimizing player)
* fixed: NNEDI3 quadrupling with SuperRes didn't work properly (NVidia only)
* fixed: refresh rate fix didn't work in 64bit
* added D3D11 refresh rate fix (proper support for 23p vs. 24p etc)
* added option "octuple luma/chroma resolution"
* re-added NNEDI3 chroma doubling options
* removed limitation to double chroma with Catmull-Rom
* updated Shiandow deband algorithm to latest version
* double clicking tray icon now opens the settings dialog

* fixed: image quadrupling was buggy, sometimes crashed
* fixed: LumaSharpen strength was truncated (0.99 -> 0.00)

* fixed startup crash in Windows 7, introduced in v0.88.3
* NNEDI3 doubling: chroma is now always upscaled with max 2 taps

* fixed another media player shutdown crash/freeze
* LGPL issue fixed: changing "legal stuff\" takes effect now
* LGPL issue fixed: changing "legal stuff\Shiandow\*" takes effect now

* added D3D11 option "present a frame for every VSync"
* added option to choose medium/high SuperRes error upscaling quality
* pages "image enhancements" and "upscaling refinement" are now profileable
* fixed: dark video in windowed mode when using error dif with 10 bit display
* fixed: FineSharp modes 2 and 3 corrupted image quality
* fixed: some controls (FSE seekbar, and ZoomPlayer controls) didn't work
* fixed: corrupted render times and more when using a lot of rendering steps
* madVR no longer disables desktop composition when D3D11 is activated
* if DWM is disabled, when madVR starts, D3D9 is used instead of D3D11
* if DWM is disabled while madVR renders with D3D11, madVR pauses playback

* fixed media player shutdown crash/freeze

* added Direct3D 11 presentation path
* added support for native 10bit output
* added NEDI image doubling option
* added "image enhancements" settings page for source enhancements
* added "upscaling refinement" settings page for upscaling post processing
* added FineSharp to source enhancement and upscaling refinement
* added LumaSharpen to source enhancement and upscaling refinement
* added SuperRes to upscaling refinement
* added chroma upscaling option "activate SuperRes filter"
* added Shiandow's deband algorithm
* removed chroma image doubling options
* fixed some 64bit stability issues
* fixed crash when two madVR instances had the same parent (DVBViewer BiB)
* fixed one potential DXVA decoding freeze
* trade quality option "lose BTB and WTW..." is disabled by default now
* added SettingsSetBoolean("FinalizeOnWMClose") option
* (un)install.bat now complains if you don't run them as admin
* (un)install.bat now doesn't try to install madVR64 on a 32bit OS, anymore

* fixed: (un)install.bat now works without having to manually "run as admin"
* fixed: active display wasn't properly set in the settings (x64)
* added workaround for window subclassing crash (x64)

* added x64 build
* fixed: short playback freeze, then catch up, at runtime start

* fixed: seeking sometimes froze (e.g. with Haali Splitter)
* fixed: DXVA scaling with "use a separate device for DXVA" -> black screen

* fixed: #181: "deint" tag sometimes didn't work when using profiles
* fixed: #277: DVD Navigator: external subtitles displayed incorrectly
* fixed: target rects with odd widths/heights resulted in a black border
* fixed: SettingsSetBoolean("DebugOSD") didn't take effect immediately
* DXVA scaling is done in RGB again for Intel and NVidia
* DXVA performance improvement under certain conditions
* small performance improvement when movie aspect ratio doesn't match display
* 3dlut split screen mode can now supports mouse drag & drop
* 3dlut can now be temporarily disable (and reenabled) via keyboard shortcut
* some reliability improvements to refresh rate calculation algorithm

* fixed: FSE seekbar didn't show, anymore

* fixed: #267: crash when seeking with smooth motion enabled
* fixed: #272: black screen in old windowed mode
* fixed: #275: image freeze when switching from new path to old path window mode
* fixed: some BT.709 video files were misdetected as BT.601
* reintroduced the "interop hack" option
* improved DXVA color space conversion performance again
* added trade option "trust DXVA color & levels conversion"
* SettingsSetBoolean("DebugOsd") now turns the debug OSD on/off

* changed DXVA scaling logic to produce proper quality with AMD drivers
* improved DXVA color space conversion performance
* new trade option "use DXVA chroma upscaling when doing native DXVA decoding"
* new trade option "use DXVA chroma upscaling when doing DXVA deinterlacing"
* new trade option "lose BTB and WTW if it improves performance"
* added scaling algorithm information to OSD
* added 3dlut split screen mode (can only be activated via key shortcut)
* added a few stability fixes/workarounds
* fixed: #033: display mode changer sometimes didn't switch to 75hz
* fixed: #176: no image on portrait (rotated) displays
* fixed: #199: decimation didn't work with 4:4 cadence (PAL 50p)
* fixed: #201: decimation didn't work with 4:2:2:2 cadence
* fixed: #203: cadence info sometimes went "unknown" in debug OSD
* fixed: #205: XySubFilter subtitles sometimes weren't visible
* fixed: #213: bad edit detection didn't work with 6:4 cadence (ATSC 60p)
* fixed: #222: crash when using a large number of shaders
* fixed: #227: Zoom Player OSD "pause" message sometimes wasn't shown
* fixed: #230: madVR refresh rate changer caused DVD playback to break
* fixed: #233: shared NVidia/AMD/Intel GPUs (e.g. Optimus) showed black screen
* fixed: #254: madVR 0.87.14 sometimes crashed when using XySubFilter
* fixed: #255: original system timer resolution wasn't restored on unload
* fixed: #257: OSD information sometimes shows "1.#J days"
* fixed: crash when decreasing GPU queue size
* removed software decoders
* removed trade option "don't use "copyback" for DXVA deinterlacing"
* removed trade option "don't use "copyback" for DXVA decoding"
* removed option "use OpenCL to process DXVA NV12 surfaces"
* removed option "use alternative interop hack (not recommended, AMD only)"
* removed option "use managed upload textures (XP only)"
* added support for ZoomPlayer's mouse scroll zoom functionality
* "Exclusive/Windowed" OSD messages don't overwrite other messages, anymore

* madTPG: fixed "madVR_Get/SetSelected3dlut" API
* madTPG: added "madVR_Enable3dlut" API
* madTPG: network search is a bit more extensive/agressive now
* fixed: madVR network functionality didn't always take WLAN into account
* target rect related change for DVBViewer

* madTPG: added "madVR_Find" API
* madTPG: fixed "madVR_GetVersion" API
* added OSD API stretch option

* fixed: v0.87.11 broke madTPG API compatability
* madTPG: added dropdown box to allow manual gamut/3dlut selection
* madTPG: loading a 3dlut now takes immediate effect in madTPG
* madTPG: added API "GetVersion"
* madTPG: added API "Get/SetSelected3dlut"
* madTPG: number of pre-presented frames is now limited to max 3

* fixed: AR downscaling after NNEDI3 luma only upscaling produced artifacts
* fixed: madTPG API "madVR_ConnectToIp(" sometimes didn't work
* madTPG: added API "Connect" with various options
* madTPG: added API "Quit" to close the connected madTPG instance
* madTPG: added APIs "Get/SetPatternConfig" & "ShowRGBEx"
* madTPG: added APIs "IsStayOnTopButtonPressed" & "SetStayOnTopButton"
* madTPG: added APIs "IsUseFullscreenButtonPressed" & "SetUseFullscreenButton"
* madTPG: added APIs "IsDisableOsdButtonPressed" & "SetDisableOsdButton"
* madTPG: added various new 3dlut conversion and loading APIs
* madTPG: added IP address information to title bar

* added some optimizations to reduce AMD OpenCL interop cost
* added new windowed presentation path ("present several frames in advance")
* added support for decimating 50p/60p movies to 25p/24p
* added profile strings "filePath/Name/Ext", with wild char ("?", "*") support
* fixed: #181: profile auto switching sometimes invalidated file name tags
* fixed: #192: black flashing with Smooth Motion + NNEDI3 chroma doubling
* fixed: #193: image corruption when up&down scale is needed at the same time
* fixed: crash on Vista when trying to activate error diffusion
* fixed: Intel OpenCL CPU driver sometimes crashed
* OpenCL should now automatically prefer NVidia GPUs on Optimus laptops
* refresh rate hack is now only installed on Windows 8 (and newer)
* "Pause" OSD message no longer blocked
* file "" lists the current version number
* file "" lists SHA1 hash of the current ""

* fixed: NNEDI3 didn't work properly on AMD/Intel (introduced in v0.87.8)
* fixed: native DXVA decoding + NNEDI3 chroma up + NVidia -> green color cast
* fixed: #032: Smooth Motion FRC sometimes failed to activate
* fixed: #096: Smooth Motion FRC resulted in last/only frame being hidden
* fixed: #097: Smooth Motion FRC didn't respect "treat 25p movies as 24p"
* fixed: #098: "Treat 25p movies as 24p" now only activates up to 25.5fps
* fixed: #104: "Delay playback until ..." failed when toggling subtitles
* fixed: #113: film mode key shortcut didn't enable Smooth Motion FRC
* fixed: #124: videoLUTs were not properly restored in multi monitor setup
* fixed: #132: Image corruption when leaving FSE with 3dlut loaded
* fixed: #171: film mode activation with display mode change could crash
* fixed: #178: RGB/YUV 4:4:4 with mod2 height showed black screen
* fixed: #182: NNEDI3 chroma up neuron count wasn't properly memorized
* fixed: #187: switching subtitles triggered a short black screen
* fixed: #189: Smooth Motion FRC sometimes activated when not needed
* NNEDI3 no longer offsets by 0.5 pixel if Luma needs to be resampled, anyway
* added "HKCU\Software\madshi\madVR\OpenCL\forceVendor" override option
* modified madLevelsTweaker GUI to make intended multi monitor usage clearer

* added workaround for NVidia OpenCL <-> D3D9 interop driver bug
* fixed: #158: NNEDI3 chroma upscaling + DXVA deint + NVidia -> green image
* fixed: DirectCompute rendering resources weren't properly released
* fixed: some multi monitor problems introduced in v0.87.7
* fixed: smooth motion frc sometimes incorrectly dropped frames
* fixed: toggling subtitle "trade quality" option required restart
* some DirectCompute stability improvements
* added vendor based OpenCL device filtering
* non-DX11-GPUs: error diffusion now falls back to ordered dithering
* improved Windows 8.1 FSE mode refresh rate hack

* added linear light processing for ordered dithering and error diffusion
* added "trade quality for performance" option for linear light dithering
* fixed: #175: Banding appears if bitdepth is set to '7 bit'
* fixed: crash in MC19 when switching videos with native DXVA decoding
* fixed: rare overlay stability problems introduced in v0.87.5
* random dithering doesn't round down to less than 8bit, anymore
* "present several frames in advance = off" now auto-disables error diffusion
* display bitdepth can be be set to as low as 1bit (just for testing)
* added silent exception handling for Intel OpenCL initialization crashes
* madTPG now optionally supports APL windows (gamma and linear light)
* madTPG now has a minimum image area of 4% instead of 10%
* madTPG now draws a 20 pixel black border around the measurement area
* madTPG now properly supports dynamic dithering (didn't before)
* madTPG dithering was optimized to not dither for integer test patterns
* madTPG headers and demo projects updated
* madVR in a media player no longer supports test patterns, only madTPG does

* fixed: #090: FSE mode switched to 23Hz instead of 24Hz in Windows 8
* fixed: #127: crash when jumping to next video file on secondary monitor
* fixed: #173: overlay: exiting multiple windows in same order -> black screen
* madTPG now forces ordered dither, but you can en/disable colored & dynamic
* added support for new subtitle API ISubRenderConsumer2::Clear()

* error diffusion now uses DirectCompute (DX11 GPU needed) instead of OpenCL
* added fast and reasonably high quality "ordered dithering" algorithm
* added "rendering\dithering" settings page with many new options
* new default dithering is now ordered dithering instead of random dithering
* madTPG now always uses monochromatic ordered dithering
* fixed: #107: XySubFilter: reducing CPU queue size during playback -> crash
* fixed: #112: 120fps clip resulted in 23Hz being selected instead of 60Hz
* fixed: #119: installation resulted in "might not have installed correctly"
* fixed: #123: XySubFilter: Nearest Neighbor/Bilinear distorted subtitles
* fixed: #125: forced film mode with unsupported FOURCCs: graphical corruption
* fixed: #133: XySubFilter: opaque black box when smooth motion was enabled
* fixed: #136: when playback is stopped, madVR now always turns the video off
* fixed: #137: Nearest Neighbor/Bilinear has problems with post-resize shaders
* fixed: #138: smooth motion FRC flickered when using Nearest Neighbor
* fixed: #145: DCI-P3 was using an incorrect white point
* fixed: #155: screeshots sometimes had an added black border
* fixed: #159: speciying DCI-P3 as the calibrated gamut -> green screen
* fixed: #160: corruption with uncompressed 4096x2304 v210 in AVI
* fixed: #161: YUV 4:4:4 videos with weird resolutions crashed madVR
* fixed: #165: overlay mode restricted madVR to single player window
* fixed: #167: dithering produced dithering noise on pure black areas
* fixed: #169: dithering produced dithering noise on pure white areas
* fixed: #170: Overlay mode sometimes unnecessarily cleared GPU gamma ramps
* fixed: Overlay mode applied 3dlut and gamma ramps in wrong order
* fixed: crash reporting didn't catch exceptions in private threads, anymore
* fixed: crash when using XySubFilter with small GPU queue size
* fixed: DVD navigator was not released properly by madVR
* fixed: Run/Seek hooks also affected secondary DirectShow graphs
* fixed: profile key shortcuts only worked for "scaling" profiles
* fixed: full range YCbCr input produced slightly incorrect colors
* reduced Overlay mode graphical corruption when resizing media player
* exclusive -> windowed switch now shows a black frame instead of an old one
* removed XySubFilter auto-loading functionality, it's now XySubFilter's job
* disabled resolution based DCI-P3 auto detection
* changed default luma doubling value to 32 neurons
* display bitdepth can be be set to as low as 3bit (just for testing)

* workaround added: NNEDI3 upscaling failed/froze with newer NVidia GPUs
* fixed: NNEDI3 chroma upscaling produced wrong colors with 10bit sources
* got rid of some unnecessary texture sharing

* fixed: blacked out video in Windows XP
* fixed: blacked out video when disabling "present several frames in advance"

* fixed: D3D9 device wasn't freed properly, resulting in stability problems
* fixed: using shared NV12 surfaces resulted in DXVA performance drop
* fixed: opening settings without connected decoder took 5 seconds
* fixed: chroma Jinc keyboard shortcut activated NNEDI3
* fixed: chroma NNEDI3 keyboard shortcut was not listed in the settings

* fixed: CPU consumption was unnecessarily high
* fixed: auto profile switching didn't fully work
* fixed: uploading was very slow, resulting in performance problems
* fixed: chroma channels were swapped when using error diffusion with NVidia
* fixed: some OpenCL crashes when using OpenCL 1.2 DLL with NVidia
* fixed: smooth motion FRC produced black image in some situations
* fixed: video mode deinterlacing was completely broken

* added debanding algorithm, based on improved version of "flash3kyuu_deband"
* added file name tag "deband=off|low|medium|high"
* added automatic detection for fades from/to black or white (for debanding)
* added support for using OpenCL with NVidia, AMD and Intel GPUs
* added DXVA surface splitting via OpenCL (only AMD and Intel GPUs)
* added error diffusion algorithm (requires OpenCL)
* added NNEDI3 chroma upsampling (requires OpenCL)
* added NNEDI3 image doubling/quadrupling (requires OpenCL)
* added flexible settings profile functionality
* added file name tag "profile='profile name'"
* added IMadVRSettings2 interface to enumerate settings and manage profiles
* settings can now be edited without madVR running (only on local PC)
* madNvLevelsTweaker -> madLevelsTweaker now also works for Intel GPUs
* madVR doesn't dither, anymore, when a pixel doesn't need dithering
* added Intel driver bug workaround for "use separate device for presentation"
* added madHcNet64.dll to allow madTPG automation from 64bit calibration tools
* added API for asking madVR about the output levels (TV, PC, custom)
* fixed: full backbuffer queue slowed rendering down
* fixed: madTPG sometimes didn't update to newly requested test pattern color
* fixed: madTPG dithering produced blocking artifacts
* fixed: when upscaling exactly 2x, AR filter wasn't active for blue channel
* fixed: ArgyllCMS/HCFR disabling the 3dlut didn't work
* fixed: LAV Video Decoder sending v210 produced corrupted image
* improved frame cropping support
* improved windowproc hook stability
* a couple of very small pixel shader performance improvements
* optimized madVR default settings
* improved madVR tray icon menu looks on newer OSs
* tags now require "tag=value" or "tag:value"; "tag value" no longer accepted
* disabled automatic DCI-P3 detection through 2048 video width

* added import option for eeColor 3dluts (e.g. from LightSpace CMS)

* fixed: #084: occasional black frames with smooth motion
* fixed: #115: XySubFilter: opaque black box on older GPUs
* fixed: smooth motion FRC could artifact with bilinear scaling
* added support for disabling XySubFilter auto-loading
* added "madVR_GetDeviceGammaRamp" calibration test pattern API
* when closing madTPG, original VideoLUTs gets restored at once

* fixed: madHcCtrl.exe had the wrong exe icon
* using linear light is now default for smooth motion FRC
* added new trade quality option "optimize subtitle quality for performance"
* modified the time when display mode is restored when media player closes
* win8 FSE refresh rate fix is now also applied without display mode changer
* added API to allow more control over test pattern progress bar
* cleaned up 3dlut and VideoLUT disable/define priorities
* improved support for combined 3dlut/VideoLUT file format ("collink -H")

* fixed: entering FSE mode sometimes caused a delay (introduced in v0.86.7)
* added support for specifying a separate external 3dlut for each source gamut
* gamut conversion is now skipped if the 3dlut gamut matches the source gamut
* madTPG: screensaver is blocked (except if it is passworded!)
* madTPG: screen is prevented from going to sleep
* madTPG: added "stay on top" button
* madTPG: changed the way the "fullscreen" button works
* madTPG: window size/state and all settings are auto saved now
* madTPG: now works without requiring madVR to be installed
* madTPG: fixed: crash when madVR was not installed

* added "madTPG.exe" test pattern generator for calibration purposes
* added support for combined 3dlut/VideoLUT file format ("collink -H")
* option "Disable GPU gamma ramps" should now work in windowed mode, too
* fixed: #30: ZoomPlayer got stuck in 'on top' mode after leaving FSE
* fixed: #90: wrong refresh rate (23/24, 59/60) in win8 in FSE mode
* fixed: #91: added madVR version information to settings dialog
* fixed: #92: shaders were not applied to XySubFilter subtitles
* fixed: #93: overlay mode ignored ICC VideoLUTs
* fixed: pixel shader VideoLUT implementation didn't use linear filtering
* fixed: crash when display mode is changed externally (DXVA processing)
* XySubFilter: improved subtitle upload performance
* XySubFilter: optimized downscaling of bitmap based subtitles
* XySubFilter: madVR consumer now reports "preferTvLevels = true"
* XySubFilter: improved performance, if provider sends TV levels subtitles

* fixed: test pattern API "BlindConnect" made problems with HCFR
* fixed: 3dlut was never applied when drawing test patterns
* fixed: HCFR running with admin rights couldn't always connect to madVR
* added new remote control API "madVR_SetBackground" for plasma users

* fixed: calibration test pattern colors were sometimes incorrect
* added support for internal VideoLUT processing
* added remote control ability for internal VideoLUT processing

* added support for drawing remote controlled calibration test patterns
* renamed madHcNet.dll to madHcNet32.dll
* drop/repeat estimate now works up to 240Hz
* tray icon appears faster now
* fixed: #81: Repeated frames count increases when video is paused

* disabled resolution based BT.2020 auto-detection (for now)
* fixed: ZoomPlayer: cosmetical issue when pausing in FSE mode
* fixed: #26: seeking/pausing in FSE with FRC on freezes video
* fixed: #72: display mode restauration didn't work correctly in win8
* fixed: #73: display mode was not restored when playback was stopped in MC18
* fixed: #74: fullscreen <-> windowed can be slow with large CPU queue
* fixed: #79: XySubFilter: non-color-corrected subtitles had wrong levels

* fixed: refresh rate changing didn't always work correctly in Windows 8
* fixed: MPC-BE title bar didn't handle unicode characters correctly
* fixed: IVideoWindow::putBorderColor() had swapped colors (RGB -> BGR)
* fixed: #18: decoder queue sometimes exceeded limits
* fixed: #19: blank screenshots when Smooth Motion FRC is turned on
* fixed: #23: video didn't follow overlay window position when paused
* fixed: #34: smooth motion FRC was sometimes incorrectly turned on
* fixed: #35: framerate tag was not working
* fixed: #37: when no video duration was known, seekbar was not shown
* fixed: #42: memory leak with certain OSD elements
* fixed: #44: GraphStudioNext "Performance Test" Crash
* fixed: #46: XySubFilter: 3DLUT was not applied to frames with subtitles
* fixed: #47: XySubFilter: subtitles weren't rerendered after scaling change
* fixed: #48: XySubFilter: incorrect positioning after downscaling
* fixed: #49: XySubFilter: incorrect PGS subtitle positions
* fixed: #50: XySubFilter: smooth motion FRC caused subtitles flicker
* fixed: #51: settings dialog now mentions both ReClock and VideoClock
* fixed: #52: XySubFilter: incorrect ASS subtitle positions
* fixed: #55: FSE seek bar resulted in inaccurate seeking for DVDs
* fixed: #60: all kinds of artifacts with smooth motion FRC
* fixed: #62: crash when external 3dlut file with long filename was missing
* fixed: #65: film refresh rate was used with dxva decoding -> deinterlacing
* fixed: #66: Cineform decoder v210 (10-bit 4:2:2) corruption
* smooth motion FRC should be back to v0.86.0 performance levels
* increased max CPU queue size to 128 frames
* added support for DCI-P3 and BT.2020 primaries and BT.2020 matrix
* added support for "matrix=2020" and "primaries=2020|DCI" tags
* added resolution based auto detection for BT.2020 (UHD) and DCI-P3
* added explicit detection for non PS3.0 capable GPUs
* added IMadVRInfo interface which makes all sorts of info available
* added a couple workarounds for weird crashes that were reported

* fixed: saving settings failed when madVR couldn't write to its own folder
* fixed: sometimes old frames were flashing up when using smooth motion
* fixed: seeking in exclusive mode could result in a freeze
* fixed: high bitdepth content showed artifacts when using DXVA scaling
* smooth motion FRC is now auto turned off for DVD menus
* improved exclusive mode presentation timing with jittery audio clock a bit

* added smooth motion frame rate conversion algorithm
* added settings page for smooth motion frc configuration
* added "trade quality for performance" option for smooth motion frc
* added test patterns to madTestPatternSource to test smooth motion frc
* fixed: RGB input with odd width/height is now accepted untouched
* fixed: IVideoWindow::put_Owner() failed when pins were not connected yet
* fixed: madHcCtrl.exe autostart registry entry was incorrect / not working
* fixed: occasional crash when using DXVA scaling with high-bitdepth content
* fixed: green line at the left image border when using DXVA scaling
* file "settings.bin" is not written into win7/8 "VirtualStore", anymore
* slightly improved multi monitor behaviour (when using DXVA or MPC-BE)
* filter enumeration timer is now only active during DVD playback
* extended logging for fullscreen exclusive presentation queue
* internal software video decoders are now disabled by default (again)

* fixed: 3:2 IVTC timestamps (film mode forced on) were not optimal
* fixed: files which turn from progressive to interlaced didn't get deint
* fixed: SoftCubic + Mitchell produced artifacts with exact 3x scaling
* fixed: frame stepping sometimes froze for up to 3 seconds
* fixed: some bugs found through crash report emails
* fixed: videos with non-mod-4 height were unnecessarily cropped
* fixed: when using DXVA decoding, 60i clips sometimes switched to 30Hz
* fixed: "refreshRate" tag didn't work
* added "repeated frames" OSD info (only when framerate = refresh rate)
* added new interface IMadVRSubclassReplacement (for JRiver MC18)
* added support for "deint=ivtc" tag
* internal software video decoders are now disabled by default

* fixed: new 2x/3x shaders sometimes got activated when they shouldn't
* renamed "speed up DXVA ..." options to "don't use copyback for DXVA ..."
* disabled option "don't use copyback for DXVA deinterlacing" by default now

* fixed: "use a separate device for DXVA processing" couldn't be activated

* fixed: Jinc 3x image upscaling was broken (introduced in v0.85.5)
* fixed: settings dialog eventually crashed when media player was closed first
* removed "perform deinterlacing in separate thread" option (now always on)
* moved "use a separate device for DXVA processing" to a different tab
* option "use a separate device for presentation" now disabled by default
* sorted "trade quality for performance" options: "best" options first
* added two more DXVA related "trade quality for performance" options

* fixed: DXVA deinterlacing: when GPU couldn't keep up, audio sync got lost
* fixed: odd source rectangles could result in "green" images (DXVA)
* fixed: display mode changer sometimes didn't work for DVDs
* slightly modified "use separate device for DXVA processing" behaviour
* changed scaling defaults once more (Bicubic75, Lanczos3, Catmull-Rom)
* disabled "perform deinterlacing in separate thread" by default
* DXVA NV12 conversion routine now uses 16bit float instead of 32bit (faster)
* up to 56% speed improvement for Jinc3 chroma upscaling
* up to 40% speed improvement for Jinc3 AR chroma upscaling
* up to 53% speed impr. for Jinc3/4 image upscaling with 2x scaling factor
* up to 47% speed impr. for Jinc3/4 AR image upscaling with 2x scaling factor
* up to 39% speed impr. for non-Jinc image upscaling with 2x scaling factor
* up to 27% speed impr. for non-Jinc AR image upscaling with 2x scaling factor
* up to 44% speed impr. for non-Jinc image upscaling with 3x scaling factor

* fixed: crash in certain situations when using native DXVA decoding
* fixed: native DXVA decoding sometimes produced wrong colors
* fixed: DXVA scaling sometimes produced wrong colors (old FSE mode)
* fixed: deinterlacing was always turned off with internal decoders
* fixed: frame stepping didn't work well with internal decoders
* added experimental option to "use a separate device for DXVA processing"
* added "trade quality" option "use half frame rate for DXVA deinterlacing"
* added "trade quality" option "store custom pixel shaders in 16bit buffer..."
* added "trade quality" option "run custom pixel shaders in video levels..."
* removed old tagging solution
* added tag "matrix=709|601|NTSC|PAL|YCgCo|240M"
* added tag "primaries=709|SmpteC|EBU|sRGB|NTSC|PAL|470M|240M|170M"
* added tag "levels=PC|TV|fullrange|limited|doubleExp|tripleExp"
* added tag "deint=On|Off|Video|Film"
* added tag "blacklevel=%value%", value range [-50, +50]
* added tag "whitelevel=%value%", value range [-50, +50]
* added tag "contrast=%value%", value range [-100, +100]
* added tag "brightness=%value%", value range [-100, +100]
* added tag "saturation=%value%", value range [-100, +100]
* added tag "hue=%value%", value range [-180, +180]
* added tag "frameRate=%value%", e.g. 23.976, 24.000, 23, 24, ...
* added tag "refreshRate=%value%", e.g. 23.976, 24.000, 23, 24, ...
* not-yet DXVA-deinterlaced frames are now never dropped, anymore
* video must now be >1050 wide or >576 high to be guessed as HD (ITU)
* changed order of "source levels" toggle

* fixed: when using DXVA2 scaling, colors were too bright by "257/256"
* fixed: freeze when disabling DXVA2 processing in the middle of playback
* fixed: green screen when disabling DXVA2 proc. in the middle of playback
* fixed: a non-default source rect made DXVA processing fail
* hopefully fixed: freezes with some DXVA decoders (MS, MPC-HC)
* hopefully fixed: incorrect colors when using DXVA2 decoding/processing
* added auto correction if FPS upstream info is wrong by 2x or 0.5x factor
* added code to silently suppress crashes in internal MPC-HC sub renderer
* added code to silently suppress decoder crashes during graph destruction
* added support for IVideoWindow::put_BorderColor()
* added double/triple expanded TV range to "source levels" toggle

* fixed: CoreAVC DXVA decoder didn't work (introduced in v0.85.1)
* fixed: ffdshow DXVA decoder didn't work
* fixed: when using DXVA2, sometimes BTB and WTW were lost
* fixed: thumbnail creation with MPC-HC sometimes didn't work
* fixed: Jinc option was sometimes incorrectly disabled
* fixed: 4:2:2/4:4:4 -> NV12 conversion routines used point sampling
* added dithering to 10/16bit -> NV12 conversion routines
* added SSE2 routine for P010/P016/P210/P216 -> NV12 conversion
* added options for custom display output levels
* added display specific color controls
* added volatile source color controls, with keyboard shortcuts
* brightness control now changes image gamma instead of white level
* contrast control now changes image contrast instead of black level
* custom shaders now run in PC levels (0-255) instead of TV levels
* added optimized DXVA copyback solution for NVidia and Intel GPUs
* optimized quality of DXVA2 NV12 -> HLSL NV12 conversion
* combined DXVA deinterlacing and DXVA scaling into one step
* modified DXVA scaling to now output RGB instead of NV12
* added color correction and auto-loading for new subtitle interface
* linear light processing might have gotten slightly faster

* fixed: corruption on bottom image border with native h264 DXVA2 decoding
* fixed: DXVA2 scaling didn't work correctly
* fixed: color controls resulted in washed out image with J.River MC
* small DXVA2 decoding stability improvement
* limited DXVA2 decoding to not work on Windows XP
* limited DXVA2 decoding to not work when using the old FSE mode
* custom shaders are now compiled with wanted profile instead of always ps_3_0
* added "[DXVA2]" to debug OSD when DXVA2 decoding is used

* added support for external DXVA2 decoders
* added support for DXVA2 scaling
* added support for custom pixel shaders (pre- and post-scaling)
* added support for media player color controls (IVMRMixerControl9)
* added support for "IQualProp" interface for media player statistics display
* added (crappy) support for high-bitdepth, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 DXVA2 deinterlacing
* changed default scaling settings

* fixed: another bug with frame stepping
* fixed: keyboard shortcut for toggling deinterlacing showed error message

* fixed: encrypted DVDs didn't play
* fixed: DVD menu "clickable areas" were not always located correctly
* fixed: DVD menu buttons near the FSE seekbar didn't work
* fixed: some minor cosmetical improvements to DVD menu rendering
* fixed: seeking DVDs in fullscreen exclusive mode didn't flush the decoder
* fixed: frame stepping should now work perfectly
* fixed: MPC-HC froze when creating thumbnails
* fixed: MPC-HC froze when seeking DVDs in Windows XP
* fixed: scaling settings were not always remembered after "restore default"
* 50i and 50p SD sources are now auto detected as having PAL/EBU primaries

* improved rendering behaviour with DVD menus and still images

* fixed: DVD playback often resulted in Macrovision errors
* improved Jinc AR algorithm for clean computer type images/videos
* added support for new subtitle interface (e.g. for future xy-vsfilter build)

* improved Jinc anti-ringing filter
* fixed: after a few seeks playback sometimes started to stutter
* maybe fixed: black screen after switching display mode
* fixed: changing window size when using Jinc was slower than necessary
* linear light scaling works slightly different now, might be a bit faster

* fixed: 4:4:4/RGB videos -> green or black screen (introduced in v0.84.1)
* fixed: Jinc8 was not always properly remembered

* added Jinc 8-tap option
* added support for Jinc chroma upscaling
* added shortcut options for Nearest Neighbor scaling
* fixed: exclusive mode was used in ZoomPlayer even if it was disabled
* fixed: settings dialog showed blank page when starting with key shortcut page
* fixed: crash when creating & freeing madVR instance without playing a video

* added media player screenshot functionality (IBasicVideo::GetCurrentImage)
* added "Jinc" image upscaling algorithm
* added anti-ringing filter for downscaling
* added "user interface\keyboard shortcuts" settings page
* added option to apply keys "only if media player has keyboard focus"
* added options to adjust the keys for all existing keyboard shortcuts
* added shortcut option for directly selecting specific source primaries
* added shortcut option for directly selecting specific deint content types
* added shortcut option for en/disabling automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
* added shortcut option for disabling exclusive mode for 10 seconds
* added shortcut option for en/disabling the display mode switcher
* added shortcut option for en/disabling dithering
* added shortcut option for changing the display bitdepth
* added various shortcut options for selecting scaling algorithms
* added IMadVRExclusiveModeCallback interface for exclusive mode notifications
* renamed "luma up/downscaling" to "image up/downscaling"
* renamed "use 10bit luma buffer ..." to "use 10bit image buffer ..."
* scaling algorithm parameters (softness, sharpness, taps) are remembered now
* scaling algorithm red/green graphs (settings dialog) now cover anti-ringing
* modified shader storage to decrease file size
* fixed: KMPlayer + madVR decoders + "delay playback start" was always paused
* fixed: settings dialog had problems with yCMS data when using Overlay mode
* fixed: cosmetical issue in fullscreen windowed mode when changing video files

* fixed: changing video files sometimes crashed
* fixed: showing exclusive mode seekbar for image viewing crashed
* madVR once again waits for D3D to be fully finalized

* fixed: some more Overlay related issues (black screen, error messages etc)
* fixed: media player closing and loading a different video was slow

* fixed: starting in exclusive mode, then switching to Overlay -> error
* modified exclusive mode seekbar design slightly
* madVR doesn't wait for full direct3d finalization, anymore
* improved crash reporting reliability

* fixed: crash when using Overlay mode

* maybe fixed: shutdown freezes in certain situations with MPC-HC
* fixed: shutdown crash
* fixed: glitch in the debug OSD
* improved "look" when moving Overlay window with Aero on

* some more Overlay improvements

* fixed: Overlay is only activated for GPUs/drivers which support it
* fixed: Overlay stopped working in certain situations (e.g. switching subs)
* Overlay is now not activated by default, anymore

* added "enable windowed overlay (Windows 7 and newer)" option
* added "anti-ringing" option for chroma and luma scaling
* added extra "delay playback start after seeking, too" option
* added new calibration option "disable GPU gamma ramps"
* doubled exclusive mode seekbar in size
* added position / runtime information to exclusive mode seekbar
* removed some tweak options (rendered superfluous by new WHQL NVidia driver)
* madVR window is now created and served by a separate thread
* Windows timer/scheduler is now always set to finest possible resolution
* modified DXVA deinterlacing to work a bit more similar to EVR
* AVI Decompressor output is now always considered to be decompressed video
* added workaround to hide kmplayer crash when resizing video
* fixed: crash when multiple madVR instances are created at the same time
* fixed: freeing madVR instance sometimes resulted in a crash
* fixed: VSFilter passes RGB -> input was incorrectly considered limited range
* fixed: bilinear chroma upsampling used MPEG1 chroma position instead of MPEG2
* fixed: switching deinterlacing mode -> "resetting Direct3D device failed"
* fixed: crash when playing certain video files with AVSplitter

* improved D3D11 exclusive -> windowed switch slightly, still not great, though
* option "delay playback start..." now requires both GPU+CPU queues to be full
* fixed: YCgCo decoding matrix was not correct
* fixed: internal 4:4:4 decoding produced wrong colors (introduced in v0.81)
* fixed: display mode changer didn't always activate when entering fullscreen
* fixed: forcing deinterlacing + IVTC on was caused by 30p tag instead of 24p
* fixed: h264 media type parsing sometimes crashed
* fixed: crash when no filter in the chain provided frame rate information
* fixed: one thread was started per video frame (introduced in v0.82)
* maybe fixed: entering/leaving exclusive mode steals keyboard focus

* fixed: 2 more finalization crashes
* fixed: display mode changer stopped working after a 2nd video file was loaded
* fixed: filter properties dialog didn't show the full madVR version number

* fixed: Ctrl+C / File Close didn't work in MPC-HC (introduced in v0.82)
* fixed: Ctrl+E in MPC-HC didn't work (introduced in v0.82)
* fixed: finalization crash due to stupid bug (introduced in v0.82)

* fixed: SoftCubic was stuck on "softness: 50" (introduced in v0.82)
* fixed: in certain situations there was a new freeze (introduced in v0.82)
* fixed: PotPlayer crashed sometimes when turning audio processing on/off
* fixed: option "if in doubt activate deinterlacing" didn't work properly

* fixed: playback is sometimes stuck with a black screen (introduced in v0.82)
* fixed: seeking sometimes results in frozen video frame (introduced in v0.82)

* added: new option to activate deinterlacing if in doubt whether it's needed
* added: new IVTC option to only look at pixels in the frame center
* added: IVTC "cadence breaks" information to OSD; resets with Ctrl+R, as usual
* deinterlacing + IVTC are now always forced on for 60i sources tagged as 24Hz
* improved IVTC cadence logic
* improved DXVA deinterlacing behaviour slightly
* improved display mode change event handling
* improved exclusive -> windowed switch a little bit more
* fixed: madVR sometimes didn't notice changed display mode
* fixed: if DXVA2 deinterlacing was not available in XP, it made madVR crash
* fixed: crash when moving madVR to another display with ZoomPlayer
* fixed: freeze when switching subtitles in paused state
* fixed: closing down madVR didn't always wait for the closing to complete
* fixed: closing the media player while madVR was in exclusive mode -> freeze
* fixed: sometimes asking for a freeze report created multiple reports at once
* fixed: MS DVD Navigator caused error in the primaries/matrix auto detection
* fixed: when switching from Bicubic to SoftCubic, options weren't updated
* fixed: red error messages were supposed to disappear after a while but didn't
* fixed: red error messages no longer show duplicate error messages

* added automatic exception catching functionality
* added manual freeze report functionality (press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Break)
* added option to switch display mode only when media player is in fullscreen
* added option to restore display mode when media player leaves fullscreen
* display mode changer now reacts on film (24p) vs. video (60p) content type
* improved renderer behaviour when display mode changes
* improved ivtc: faster detection of cadence changes
* improved ivtc: more robust against compression artifacts
* deint + ivtc is now auto activated for 60i movies which are tagged to 24 Hz
* ivtc is now auto activated for 50i movies which are tagged to 25 or 24 Hz
* deinterlacing is only turned on for 50i and 60i movies now
* added patch to MS VC-1 decoder -> deinterlacing off
* modified file name tagging logic (24p, 24i, 24fps, 24Hz, etc)
* improved behaviour with decoders which don't output proper interlaced flags
* improved exclusive -> windowed mode behaviour slightly, mainly for ZoomPlayer
* added "sharpness: 100" option for Bicubic scaling
* queue sizes are now always 16/8 by default, no more automatic adjustments
* keyboard shortcuts: always only change things temporarily by default now
* keyboard shortcuts: some changes (not all) can be stored by pressing F2 now
* the source levels (TV vs PC) can be stored now
* the source content type (film vs video) can be stored now
* key presses are now only "swallowed" if media player process has key focus
* osd keyboard handling runs in its own thread now
* added many more languages to the "Pause" MPC-HC message block
* used GPU RAM is now not shown in osd, anymore
* increased upload thread priority slightly
* fixed: ZoomPlayer eventually froze when leaving exclusive mode
* fixed: some users had composition rate in exclusive mode OSD -> problems
* fixed: crash when video window size was reduced to a very small size
* fixed: frame stepping sometimes resulted in weird play/pause mixed state
* fixed: one case where "delay playback start..." resulted in paused state
* fixed: v210 pitch/stride handling was broken
* fixed: YV24 had swapped chroma channels
* fixed: YV24 DXVA deinterlacing resulted in image corruption
* fixed: OSD API didn't capture mouse events on mouse down

* added IVTC algo with decimation and support for 3:2, PAL and Anime cadences
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T switches between video (DXVA) and film (IVTC) content type
* fixed: moving media player to another monitor made DXVA deinterlacing crash
* fixed: DXVA deinterlacing produced wrong colors (only with HD videos + ATI)
* fixed: after a refresh rate change the composition rate didn't update
* fixed: calculation of consumed GPU RAM was wrong
* fixed: minimizing ZoomPlayer with playing video made some problems
* fixed: v0.79 didn't always detect external refresh rate changes
* fixed: some h264 AVI files made madVR crash, depending on the splitter
* fixed: improved internal decoder MPEG2 timestamp handling
* fixed: zooming video extremely small made madVR close the media player
* fixed: video was positioned wrong when media player cropped top/left
* fixed: a couple of small Direct3D related bugs
* fixed: a little resource leak
* improved presentation timestamp correction a bit
* improved "IMadVRExclusiveModeInfo::IsExclusiveModeActive"
* improved "IMadVRExclusiveModeControl::DisableExclusiveMode"
* added window size checks to detect to-be-expected exlusive mode failures
* added new interface "IMadVRDirect3D9Manager" for XBMC (work in progress)
* modified automatic queue sizes
* improved logging during media player shutdown

* modified deinterlacing logic to save GPU RAM
* added resource manager to save GPU RAM and a little bit of GPU performance
* added information about used / total GPU RAM to debug OSD (Ctrl+J)
* added new options to choose decoder and GPU queue sizes
* added automatic adjustment of queue sizes, based on GPU RAM size
* corrected queue sizes with deinterlacing turned on (size 1 too high in v0.78)
* improved deinterlacing quality at the start of playback and after seeks
* improved the way madVR calls DXVA2 (now more similar to EVR)
* moved some eventually CPU intensive code from render to separate thread
* optimized performance of DXVA2->PixelShader texture conversion for some GPUs
* optimized internal libav decoder format conversion logic
* movie frame rate overwrite via file name now also sets deinterlacing on/off
* option "perform deinterlacing in separate thread" is now "on" by default
* MPC-HC OSD text "Pausa" is now blocked (to avoid disappearing subtitles)
* fixed: source cropping (J.River MC) could result in corrupted chroma channel
* fixed: IMediaSample allocator wasn't fit for decoder queue size of 12 frames

* added support for DXVA2 deinterlacing
* added option to enable/disable automatic activation of deinterlacing
* added option to force off deinterlacing for 48i sources
* added option enable/disable performing deinterlacing in a separate thread
* added auto 4:2:2/4:4:4 to 4:2:0 conversion when using DXVA2 deinterlacing
* added OSD deinterlacing information
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D turns deinterlacing on/off
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F switches deinterlacing field order (auto, top, bottom first)
* changed gamma decrease key combo from Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B
* increased decoder queue size to 12 frames
* added support for h264 10bit 4:2:2 decoding
* improved frame stepping
* improved internal frame locking mechanism
* removed warning "creating 10bit render texture failed, used 8bit instead"
* updated libav/ffmpeg dlls

* added support for ffmpeg/libav h264 4:2:2 decoding
* optimized ffmpeg/libav compiling options
* fixed: madVR disliked getting 2 frames with identical timecodes all the time
* modified autodetect priorities slightly

* fixed: crash on MPC-HC exit / close file
* fixed: OSD didn't show properly or didn't show at all
* fixed: subtitles showed with a black background
* fixed: trade quality -> use 10bit chroma option was used for luma sometimes
* unfortunately subtitles are not running through 3dlut, anymore

* fixed: v0.74 stopped decoder DirectShow filter from being released properly
* fixed: PotPlayer sometimes crashed when switching video files
* fixed: internal decoders made problems with cropped MKVs & Haali Splitter
* fixed: OSD sometimes didn't appear in ZoomPlayer in exclusive mode
* fixed: VP70 decoder showed video upside down
* fixed: RGB24 input sometimes crashed madVR
* fixed: ffdshow RGB input level detection sometimes failed
* subtitles run through the 3dlut now, too
* internal decoders are now auto disabled if required decoder dlls are missing
* added option to scale Luma in linear light, disabled by default
* RGB input with unknown range is now treated by default as full range
* added detailed information about matrix, primaries and levels to debug OSD
* updated libav/ffmpeg dlls

* fixed: internal decoder showed 10bit video with non-mod-4 width distorted
* fixed: primaries/matrix auto detection eventually failed if ffdshow upscaled
* fixed: MPEG2 internal decoder timestamps didn't work well with DVDs/VOBs
* fixed: ZoomPlayer "Media: Next Track" -> OSD "windowed" stayed forever
* fixed: corruption with ordered chapters, when using internal decoders
* added new interface "IMadVRExclusiveModeControl"
* added new interface "IMadVRSettings"
* added support for h264 files with a 3-byte NAL length

* fixed (again): video playback in PotPlayer froze in various situations
* fixed: OSD changes could result in dropped frames (reverted to older code)
* fixed: crash if the source filter reported a NULL file name

* empty file "force full range input" in madVR folder overwrites auto detection
* empty file "YCbCr" in madVR folder makes madVR output YCbCr data directly
* fixed: video playback in PotPlayer froze in various situations
* fixed: display mode change + "delay playback start..." -> video stayed paused

* for DVD playback start, "delay playback start..." option is now auto disabled
* when OSD changes, render queue is cut down to 3/8 to make OSD more responsive
* when madVR pauses/starts/stops graph, notification message 0xFA17 is sent now
* fixed: crash with NVidia PureVideo MPEG2 Decoder
* fixed: crash with h264 AVI content
* fixed: unpause delay with internal decoders in exclusive mode
* fixed: subtitles disappeared when pausing playback
* fixed: madVR caused "File Source Async" to never be destroyed
* fixed: full range YCbCr input showed a green tint (introduced with v0.70)

* delay times improved for option "pause playback until render queue is full"
* option "pause playback until render queue is full" is now disabled by default
* exclusive mode tweak options regrouped and branded as "not recommended"
* internal MPEG2/h264 decoders are enabled by default now, VC-1 stays disabled
* display mode switcher now "likes" 24.000 Hz mode for 23.976 fps movies better
* improved timestamps of internal libav/ffmpeg MPEG2 decoder
* improved seeking with internal libav/ffmpeg h264 decoder
* fixed: moving from one monitor to another sometimes caused graph to pause
* fixed: display mode changer caused internal decoders to stop working
* fixed: gamma processing with RGB input produced a black screen
* fixed: h264 mediatype parsing corrupted RAM, eventually resulting in a crash
* fixed: color processing accurateness problems introduced in v0.68
* fixed: exclusive mode seekbar didn't work during DVD playback
* fixed: tracks with a "|" in the name confused the tray icon context menu
* fixed: at playback start, and after unpausing there was sometimes judder
* fixed: OSD sometimes flickered at playback start, and after unpausing

* fixed: (again) timestamp for libav/ffmpeg decoders
* another seeking improvement

* added support for all primaries referenced by h264, VC-1, MPEG2 and MS
* added support for all decoding matrices referenced by h264, VC-1, MPEG2 & MS
* primaries, matrix and range are now read from VC-1, MPEG2 and h264 headers
* ffdshow RGB output levels are now automatically detected and handled properly
* added support for primary, matrix and range info via DirectShow media type
* improved primary and matrix guesses, if no detailed information is available
* primaries, matrix and range are auto set to what the source requires
* VC-1, MPEG2, h264 headers are read from external decoders, without their help
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I toggles input levels (source = full range or not)
* added info to OSD about video bitstream and madVR raw video input formats
* improved internal decoder seeking behaviour
* video bitstream AR is used now if no container AR is available
* libav decoder is now automatically used if Intel decoder can't handle a file
* Intel decoder is now automatically used for interlaced VC-1 content
* fixed: some new problems with external decoders, introduced in v0.67
* fixed: crashes with Intel decoder during playback or when seeking
* fixed: libav/ffmpeg decoder crashed with full_range h264 videos
* fixed: bad timestamps with internal libav/ffmpeg decoder
* fixed: libav/ffmpeg VC-1 decoder showed corruption at the bottom of the image
* fixed: graphical corruption with internal decoders in certain situations
* fixed: connection to 4:2:2 h264 streams is now declined

* added libav/ffmpeg Software Decoders for MPEG2, VC-1 and h264 (experimental)
* added Intel Software Decoders for MPEG2, VC-1 and h264 (experimental)
* added new option "delay playback start until render queue is full"
* added new interface IMadVRRefreshRateInfo for media player developers
* fixed: OSD was updated all the time, even in paused state
* fixed: when using GraphEdit, madVR video window was sometimes too small
* fixed: madVR asked upstream filter to change output FourCC without need

* rewritten large parts of the OSD logic
* added APIs for media player devs to draw their OSDs/GUIs in exclusive mode
* added API for media player devs to disable the madVR seekbar
* fixed: OSD is now above subtitles instead of under
* OSD + seekbar are now drawn to full window size, not to video rect, anymore
* madVR debug OSD is now white with a dark background
* using higher internal precision for internal calculations now
* fixed a couple of bugs in gamma / gamut / 3dlut processing
* instead of yRGB, madVR/yCMS are now using the measured display primaries
* improved compatability with uncompressed video files
* fixed: avisynth -> ffdshow -> RGB -> madVR produced upside down image
* fixed: seekbar showed up when playback monitor was positioned "under" primary
* simplified calibration settings a bit more

* fixed: decode matrix + source primaries detection only worked once
* fixed: yet another bug in the automatic display changer

* changed a couple of calibration related texts
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C toggles gamma curve type now instead of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M toggles decoding matrix
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P toggles source primaries
* fixed: disabling gamma processing didn't show immediate effect
* fixed: one more display mode changer bug
* added support for switch to 59i/60i display mode for 59p/60p content
* Windows key now only stops exclusive mode when running on primary monitor
* seekbar is now shown only if mouse cursor is on playback monitor
* when the PC is locked (Windows Key + L) madVR now pauses playback
* fixed: D3D11 playback on secondary monitor could result in window size bug

* fixed: couple of bugs in the display mode changer
* fixed: nearest neighbor in v0.62 was broken (bilinear was used instead)
* fixed: removed nonsense 9bit/10bit display bitdepth options
* fixed: yCMS tab in settings dialog is now only visible on calibration page
* added: complaint when yCMS is selected, but no gamut measurements provided
* added new "enable gamma processing" option (default = off)
* renamed "something else" to "unknown"
* moved gamut/gamma options from "properties" page to "calibration" page
* gamut/gamma options in calibration page are now grayed out when using 3dlut
* gamma processing can't be enabled if calibration -> gamma is set to "unknown"
* added primary/gamut "sRGB" option

* added display "properties", "calibration" and "color & gamma" settings pages
* added option to define the native display bitdepth (affects dither strength)
* added options to define how the display was calibrated (gamut + gamma)
* moved "Video/PC levels" option to display "properties" settings page
* added options to define which gamma / transfer function to use
* replaced old "use 3dlut" option with new controls on "calibration" page
* added integrated GUI for yCMS 3dlut creation, no more console hacking needed
* added "please wait" dialog while yCMS is downloaded + installed
* added "please wait" dialog while 3dlut file is created
* added support for 6 and 7 bit 3dlut files (see trade quality for performance)
* added option to choose a manually created external 3dlut file (per display)
* there's only one 3dlut file per display now
* 3dlut is now always yRGB / RGB_Video input and RGB_Video output
* YCbCr -> RGB conversion is now always done by shader math, not by 3dlut
* Video/PC levels conversion is now always done by shader math, not by 3dlut
* rewritten rendering and pixel shader chain
* subsampled YCbCr is now upsampled & converted to RGB first, then scaled
* chroma upsampling got quite a bit faster (because it's now always exactly 2x)
* luma scaling got a tiny bit faster, depending on scaling factor and taps
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C displays & toggles color format (BT.709 -> BT.601 -> PAL)
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G displays and increases the Gamma value (2.20 -> 2.25 -> ...)
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F displays and decreases the Gamma value (2.20 -> 2.15 -> ...)
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T displays and changes the Gamma curve type (pure power / BT)
* dither is using a texture again instead of shader math
* dither is now colored and differs for every video frame
* added support for 8 bit 4:2:0 media types IYUV, I420, NV21, ICM*
* added support for 8 bit 4:2:2 media types YUY2, YVYU, UYVY, YV16, yuv2, ...
* added support for 8 bit 4:4:4 media types AYUV, YV24, I444, v308, v408
* added support for 8 bit RGB media types RGB32, RGB24, BGRA, ABGR, RGBA
* added support for 10 bit 4:2:2 media types P210, Y210, v210
* added support for 10 bit 4:4:4 media types Y410, v410
* added support for 16 bit 4:2:2 media types P216, Y216, v216
* added support for 16 bit 4:4:4 media types Y416, v416
* added support for 16 bit RGB media types RGB48, RGB64, b48r, b64a, ...
* added hints to "install.bat" and "readme.txt" to not delete the madVR folder
* fixed: madVR rendering window in GraphEdit didn't have correct size
* changed VSync priority back to "time critical"
* slightly changed tray icon mouse click behaviour

* fixed: exclusive -> windowed with D3D11 made media player buttons disappear
* fixed: exclusive -> windowed with D3D11 made media player window too big
* fixed: closing video file in D3D11 exclusive mode resulted in crash
* added new tweak option "overshoot max frame latency"

* fixed: exclusive -> windowed with D3D11 made media player buttons disappear
* fixed: fullscreen exclusive mode was sometimes not activated properly
* Windows Key press now forces a 3 second delay before going back to exclusive

* added D3D11 presentation path
* renamed glitch hack to "use a separate device for presentation"
* added option to activate D3D11 presentation path
* switched and renamed option "present only one frame at a time"
* added tweak option "run presentation in a separate thread"
* added tweak option "limit rendering times to avoid glitches"
* added option "restore original display mode when media player closes"
* added option "treat 25p movies as 24p (requires Reclock)"
* added detection for "Windows Key" press -> switch out of exclusive mode
* fixed: having only one mode in the display mode switcher didn't work
* fixed: when entering fullscreen, sometimes the seekbar incorrectly showed up
* fixed: changing refresh rate behind madVR's back resulted in a freeze
* fixed: ZoomPlayer froze when moving to secondary monitor fullscreen playback
* a couple more minor changes and bugfixes

* fixed: 23p/59i movie did not activate 59p display mode
* removed v0.57 win7 specific presentation path again, didn't work so well
* added glitch hack as a new render option (Vista/Win7 only)

* added (simple) automatic display mode changer
* added slightly modified exclusive presentation path for win7 and newer OSs
* if decoder doesn't tell the source framerate, madVR searches upstream
* if DScaler IVTC Mod is in the graph, madVR considers 29.970 to be 23.976
* if source file name contains framerate token, that overwrites DirectShow info
* added hack to stop Direct3D from messing up refresh rates
* added batch file to restore default settings
* fixed: in XP setting the number of pre-presented frames to 1 didn't work
* fixed: secondary display attached to a receiver wasn't handled correctly

* fixed: going directly to fullscreen mode made madVR freeze

* a couple of bugfixes and improvements for dual monitor setups
* added new render option tab named "exclusive mode settings"
* moved some exclusive mode options from "general settings" tab to new tab
* added separate flush options for exclusive mode (old and new path)

* fixed high CPU consumption in new exclusive mode rendering path (hopefully)
* added option to use windowed mode flush tweaks for new exclusive path, too
* added batch file to switch between debug <-> release mode

* moving madVR to another monitor during playback is now properly handled
* a couple more tweaks to the new exclusive mode rendering path
* vsync handling now uses its own Direct3D device instance
* improved handling of rendering failures
* OSD: rendering/presentation stats are now only shown when they're meaningful
* OSD: queue and dropped frames information is now directly next to each other

* fixed: presentation glitches were not reported at all
* fixed: reaction to presentation glitches was (very) wrong
* added some more fixes and tweaks to the new exclusive mode rendering path
* fixed: seek bar sometimes got stuck with new exclusive path when paused
* fixed: starting in paused mode sometimes failed to show first video frame
* fixed: pre-render option wasn't always enabled/disabled correctly
* debug OSD is now green instead of red (doom9 majority wish)

* fixed: seeking while paused with new exclusive path didn't update image
* added D3D9 tweak to allow pre-rendering of more than 3 frames
* added a number of fixes and tweaks to new exclusive mode rendering path
* readded "presentation glitches" to OSD, but only for new exclusive path
* added option to choose the no of pre-rendered frames for new exclusive path

* added new exclusive mode rendering path
* added option to use the old exclusive mode rendering path
* fixed: settings window suddenly showed in taskbar, wasn't supposed to
* changed "disable desktop composition" default setting to "off"
* removed option "upload frames in render thread", forced to "off" now
* removed "presentation glitches" information from OSD (was always 0, anyway)
* madHcNet doesn't initialize WinSock, anymore, when LAN access is disabled

* fixed: settings could not be edited if a monitor had a unicode name
* fixed: settings dialog with tray icon disabled took a long time to appear
* fixed: sometimes "madVR instance didn't reply properly" appeared
* settings are now stored under "HKCU\Software\madshi\madVR\Settings", too
* LAN support is disabled by default now, can be enabled through tray icon menu

* fixed: resource leak in OSD text messages
* disabled "Play" and "Pause" OSD messages until rendering chain is rewritten
* added support for ISubRenderCallback2, appears to fix subtitle sync problems

* fixed: madVR didn't close properly

* reverted change introduced in v0.43 which might have caused instability
* modified subtitle syncing logic
* ISubRenderCallback is now only used for MPC-HC builds >=

* fixed: video rectangle was sent incorrectly to subtitle renderer

* fixed ZoomPlayer OSD graphical corruption problem (again)
* fixed bug in OSD text message handling
* added support for subtitle rendering through ISubRenderCallback

* restored some v0.36 behaviour for exclusive -> windowed switch (XP only)
* fixed FLV problem (introduced with v0.42)
* fixed bug which resulted in Aero en/disabling happening incorrectly

* changed aspect ratio reporting back (PotPlayer and JR MC didn't like v0.41)
* improved forced redrawing of all GUI stuff after exclusive -> windowed switch
* removed some of the "disable desktop composition" modes

* added workaround for buggy decoders (hopefully it breaks nothing else)
* added forced redrawing of all GUI stuff after exclusive -> windowed switch

* turning desktop composition back on should be without delay now
* DXVA NV12 connections are refused now

* fixed: 16:9 DVDs were shown as 4:3 (introduced in v0.37)

* changed mouse cursor management (for J.River MC)
* added support for NV12 (4:2:0 8bit), P010 (4:2:0 10bit), P016 (4:2:0 16bit)

* IBasicVideo::SetDestinationPosition not needed, anymore (for J.River MC)
* exclusive -> windowed switch should be a bit faster in Vista+ now
* added options for disabling desktop composition
* added workaround for MPC-HC MPEG2 decoder crash with VOB files (decoder bug)
* settings dialog now remembers the page you've been on
* fixed small bug in video levels output math

* fixed: settings changes only showed affect after reloading the video
* fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y didn't work properly, anymore
* hopefully fixed: madVR startup delay on some PCs

* reverted back to v0.32 clock logic (no more clock jitter removal)
* fixed: ESC (= pause + minimize) in KMPlayer in exclusive mode -> freeze
* fixed: multi monitor device management didn't fully work
* maybe fixed: problem with ZP + MKV splitter + exclusive mode + playlist
* added logging to gather more info about one instance of madVR freezing

* fixed: resizing media player window made problems (introduced with v0.33)

* fixed: crash when source filter didn't allocate chapter names
* added algorithm to remove audio clock jitter
* added country flags for video/audio/subtitle tracks in tray icon menu
* moved "close media player" above audio/subtitle tracks in tray icon menu
* modified clock deviation measurement algorithm
* added "ideal refresh rate" information to OSD
* added madVR version number to debug log output
* "video size changed" event is sent more selectively, now

* fixed: calculation of estimated frame drops/repeats was incorrect
* fixed: one madVR shutdown crash cause
* fixed: log file was held locked even after madVR finalization
* simplified tray icon menu structure (less submenus)
* left and right click on tray icon shows different context menus now
* added monitor/receiver device management functionality to settings logic
* monitor/receiver devices are now automatically detected and identified
* monitor related settings are now stored separately per monitor device
* ffdshow is not asked for audio/subtitle streams, anymore (stability issues)

* fixed: sometimes frames were incorrectly dropped in paused state
* fixed: SoftCubic100 didn't stick for Luma up/downscaling
* fixed: media player icon was not transfered correctly from win7 to XP
* local communication is not done via TCP/IP, anymore -> no firewall problems
* the exe/dll/ax files are now signed to reduce anti virus false alarms
* added reference vs. system "clock deviation" information to OSD
* added information about estimated number of dropped/frames per second to OSD
* uninstall.bat now automatically removes the tray icon
* added new option "delay switch to exclusive mode for 3 seconds"
* renamed some settings folders

* fixed: some scaling options didn't "stick"
* added workaround for stack overflow with some videos (not madVR's fault!)
* madVR settings dialog is now "always on top"
* tray icon configuration dialog is now "always on top"

* fixed: crash when trying to enter the 3dlut settings tab
* fixed: settings dialog didn't work when tray icon was disabled
* fixed: tray icon didn't properly go away in certain circumstances

* fixed: seek bar was sometimes shown even with exclusive mode disabled
* fixed: logging could result in frame drops
* fixed: new frame drop logic (v0.27) sometimes dropped more than necessary
* fixed: sometimes madVR started with a black screen and then crashed
* maybe fixed: exclusive mode didn't work with interlaced refresh rates
* full rewrite of settings logic
* first draft of completely new settings dialog
* added "mad* home cinema control" tray icon
* added tray icon configuration dialog
* added media player controls (play, pause, stop, exit) to tray icon
* added video/audio/subtitle switching functionality to tray icon
* added chapter selection functionality to tray icon
* added seek intervals to tray icon
* added automatic listing of media players running madVR on any PC in the LAN
* added LAN media player remote control abilities to tray icon
* sysinternals ProcessExplorer is not "overpowered", anymore
* removed timing model tweak option

* fixed: after switch to windowed mode seek bar sometimes stayed active forever
* fixed: sometimes after a Direct3D reset, rendering stopped working
* exclusive mode does now "overpower" all other processes, except task manager
* frame drop/delay logic fully rewritten
* when switch to exclusive mode fails, madVR now goes back to windowed mode
* madVR seek bar is now also shown in fullscreen windowed mode
* added forced OSD display "PC/TV levels" when using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y
* modified dynamic media type change handling a bit to reduce overhead

* fixed: windows on primary monitor were seen as covering secondary playback
* fixed: when starting in fullscreen mode, madVR's seek bar didn't work
* fixed: starting ZoomPlayer in fullscreen exclusive mode made problems
* when "maximizing" the media player, exclusive mode is activated at once now
* exclusive mode switch is now done after 3 seconds instead of 1 second
* while exclusive mode is active, media player window is made topmost now
* windowed tweak "timing model" is now used for exclusive mode, too
* changed Aero timing mode once again
* added forced OSD display "windowed" vs. "exclusive" when switching
* new interface allows media players to ask whether madVR is in exclusive mode

* fixed: launching file in fullscreen resulted in madVR freeze

* added *automatic* fullscreen exclusive mode
* added optional seek bar (only for fullscreen exclusive mode)
* added OSD interface for media players
* added new options for automatic fullscreen exlusive mode and seek bar
* added rendering mode information to OSD
* added some code to avoid playback freezes
* changed Aero timing mode slightly
* changing backbuffer count now shows immediate effect
* added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y for switching PC <-> video levels

* fixed: some mouse events didn't work in ZoomPlayer, anymore
* fixed: when changing CoreAVC settings, madVR video stopped updating
* fixed: when ffdshow needed bigger buffers, there was a crash
* made OSD half transparent again (for now)
* removed "use managed 3dlut texture" option

* fixed: incompatability with some decoders/videos (corrupted chroma display)
* fixed: incompatability with some decoders/videos (playback doesn't start)
* fixed: incompatability with DirectVobSub (playback doesn't start)
* fixed: incorrect aspect ratio with some decoders/videos
* implemented support for realtime video resolution change
* added workaround for buggy MPC HC m2ts VC-1 splitter (shuffled timestamps)
* improved frame drop/delayed behaviour when decoder is too slow
* removed "copy only 1 backbuffer at a time" option -> now always set
* added option "use managed 3dlut texture (XP only)", default true
* OSD state (on/off) survives media player restarts now
* OSD statistics reset (Ctrl+R) now also works if OSD is not turned on
* media player window is not moved to front by madVR, anymore

* fixed: some of the new tweak options weren't stored properly

* fixed: Microsoft VC-1/WMV decoder didn't start playing in Windows 7
* got rid of special Aero rendering mode (didn't work as well as expected)
* added 4 new tweak options
* you can now put an empty log file in madVR's folder to overwrite the log path

* small timing tweak for windowed playback with high display refresh rates
* got rid of "don't render right before presentation" option
* increased backbuffer queue size to 8 (in Vista and newer OSs only)
* dropped/delayed frames stats are reset now when a new video is played
* added Aero "composition rate" information to OSD
* added "aero delayed/dropped frames" information to OSD
* added special Aero rendering path, must be activated by new option

* fixed: bug in "anti synchronized judder" code
* fixed: backbuffers weren't properly invalidated after a frame drop
* fixed: a media player exit crash cause
* improved "flush (sleep)"
* added option "don't render right before presentation"
* officially reintroduced support for "delayed frames"
* added "delayed frames" information to OSD
* added "presentation glitches" information to OSD
* dithering is done by using shader math now, instead of texture access
* removed "flush before present" option

* fixed: problem with very slow NVidia drivers, once again
* improved compatibility with some weird behaving decoders

* fixed: freeze during startup, or after a few seconds of playback
* fixed: media player doesn't close properly

* fixed: crash during startup

* fixed: corruption with some decoders and video clips
* fixed: fullscreen -> win+D -> ResetDevice failed
* optimized fullscreen <-> windowed switching a bit
* relaxed texture requirements -> newer Intel GPUs might work now
* added new option "use managed upload textures (XP only)"
* added several new options to tweak GPU flush behaviour
* removed "disable anti-tearing fix" option

* fixed: scanline reading problem with newer NVidia drivers
* fixed: sometimes high CPU consumption when paused
* fixed: one potential cause for motion judder
* fixed: GPU memory leak, when starting multiple videos in 1 player instance
* fixed: CPU memory leak, when starting multiple videos in 1 player instance
* fixed: crashes or artifacts with some movies with odd resolutions
* fixed: initialization error messages were sometimes not correctly shown
* improved (but not fully fixed) tearing problem with 24Hz playback
* changed timing to improve rendering performance
* changed texture allocation to improve rendering performance
* optimized logging performance
* madVR doesn't ship with cr3dlut, anymore
* added capability to automatically download and install yCMS
* playback start is now delayed until 3dlut is created and loaded
* playback is paused during 3dlut creation (if a new 3dlut needs to be created)
* OSD: added 5s max stats
* OSD: added "available texture memory"
* OSD: Ctrl+R resets "dropped frames" (only works when OSD is shown)
* OSD: queues changed from "current value" to "range during last second"
* in Vista and Windows 7 Direct3D9Ex is used now (no lost devices, anymore)
* changed luma upsampling default to Lanczos4

* rewrite of about 75% of the code
* loads of bug fixes
* improvements for DVD playback (macrovision complaints etc)
* improvements for frame stepping during paused playback
* re-added rendering stats to OSD

* fixed: luma resampling settings weren't saved/loaded correctly
* fixed: on some PCs video startup took several seconds
* updated cr3dlut to v2.2

* added first (buggy) version of smooth motion rendering
* added uploading queue (up to 8 frames)
* added rendering queue (up to 8 frames)
* added information about dropped and delayed frames to OSD
* removed GPU rendering times from OSD
* added (buggy) frame stepping support
* modified DVD / macrovision handling slightly
* display refresh rate detection should no longer produce incorrect results
* added separate controls for luma upscaling and downscaling
* fixed: image was sometimes offset in 1:1 mode in ZoomPlayer

* bigger part of initialization is done before playback is allowed to start
* if Direct3D device is lost and can't be recovered, playback is paused
* if paused playback is restarted, madVR tries to recover lost device again
* decoders are now forced to deliver video width which is devidable by 16
* reduced CPU consumption a bit
* changed video -> GPU uploading method -> lower GPU rendering times (?)
* OSD lists texture uploading times again
* OSD now only increases CPU consumption in detailed mode (2x Ctrl+J)
* external shader*.dat files are gone, compiler 41 is now always used
* when final VSync estimate if off a lot, a file "vsync.dat" is created
* fixed: 3dlut colors were ever so slightly incorrect
* fixed: shader math colors were slightly incorrect

* fixed: only the first movie played fine, a 2nd movie stayed black
* 3dlut creation should work again now (broken in v0.7)
* minor improvement in display refresh rate calculation
* some minor changes in window management

* fixed: video size/position was incorrect with Zoom Player & CoreAVC
* precompiled shaders are now loaded from "shaders.dat" (for testing)
* various shaders files are shipped created with different compiler versions
* OSD now shows 4 different display refresh rate estimates (for testing)
* fixed: with bilinear chroma resampling luma was always resampled, too

* fixed: only the first movie played fine, a 2nd movie stayed black

* DVD playback should work now, too
* improved switching times between fullscreen and windowed mode
* improved startup time
* chroma samples are now placed left instead of center luma
* added settings control to switch between TV and PC output levels
* added settings control to enable/disable 3dlut processing
* added settings control for selecting chroma resampling filter
* D3DX9_35.dll is not needed, anymore
* improved display refresh rate detection calculation
* 3dlut and settings file routines are using unicode instead of ansi now
* fixed: aspect ratio calculation truncated instead of rounding
* fixed: aspect ratio changes in the middle of the movie were ignored

* modified (improved?) initialization order
* fixed: aspect ratio was incorrect with some sources
* added Lanczos8 resampling option (but I don't recommend to use it)
* changed the way the GPU textures are updated

* lowered CPU consumption a bit
* playback start is now delayed until 3dlut file is fully loaded
* during initialization madVR posts a message to the screen
* added OSD (on screen display) with some stats, can be toggled with Ctrl+J
* added display refresh rate detection
* added GPU rendering time measurements
* Direct3D resources are completely freed on exit now
* errors are now properly handled and displayed
* if 10bit textures are not available, 8bit textures are used instead
* fixed: window size in GraphEdit was slightly too small
* missing 3dlut files are now automatically created by calling "cr3dlut"
* depending on source resolution "SD.3dlut" or "HD.3dlut" is loaded now
* renamed "madVideoRenderer" to "madVR" everywhere
* settings are now saved to (and read from) "settings.ini" file
* improvement for playing video on secondary monitor (not tested)

* fixed: colors were not fully correct
* improved install/uninstall

* initial beta release